Doctrine and Fact Checking

Throughout these letters, (and there are a couple hundred of them explaining about 40 years of uncommon sexual knowledge), I will say things that defy common doctrine.

It is normal for people to be confused, angry, defiant or even accepting of the information.
As such, since many of the concepts may be hard to corroborate, based on the obfuscation of real truth, I would like to make two posts that can be verified by external sources.

Think of it this way… why do men like virgins?
The normally given answer is that they are tight.
The real answer is that they have no experience by which to baseline how crappy this first sexual encounter really is!

In essence, if you don’t know something… you have no metric by which to make a judgement about whether or not it was great or if it really sucked.

Be assured, the first time anyone does something… hitting a baseball, throwing a football, riding a bicycle, baking chocolate chip cookies or sex… there is great hope that as they continue to throw effort at the “situation”… they do become more knowledgeable and hopefully more proficient on the subject matter.

Not everyone who plays T-ball ends up playing for the Yankees. Not everyone who plays high school pigskin is going to the NFL. Not everyone who has sex ends up a sexual Dynamo.

You may not feel the need to expand your skills in the sexual arena be the best thing in a sport fucking contest. (Yep… there is a Sex Olympics, too. It’s invitation only… don’t feel bad if you have never heard of it. …and it is Not how many people one person can fuck in 24 hours… if that’s a turn on… okay… but it’s not where you will ever find me.) Nonetheless, if I am able to impart some small thing that I learned that makes your life a better place to reside… then that is good enough.

Follow the links in the comments to the posts (1) Dr. B and my Ovary and (2) Bible Sex.

Any OBGYN may confirm the facts stated in post (1).
Pick up an older version of the King James Bible… not a new version as the “revised” semantics have changed the meaning… the facts can be confirmed via fact checking the paper form or via the Internet (I recommend Bible Hub) for (2).

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If I'd known these things when I was younger... Oh... the different roads I might have traveled. Its never too late to ensure a better future for someone else when good knowledge is passed around.