Dr.B and My Ovary

I must have been a very interesting child.
There was a visit to my OBGYN when I was still in high school that was so memorable… I must relate this story.

Maybe you haven’t yet had the uncomfortable pleasure of having your private parts examined, for money, by a physician.

Besides the sterile, cold environment, you will be visited by a doctor and a nurse while you are covered with a paper sheet in the most compromising position… Your feet in stirrups while you view cheap ceiling tiles.

Not being able to see what they are doing, the doctor will put a plastic or metal object inside you, stretch you and take a small cutting or scraping of cells from your vaginal wall to be viewed under a microscope. The test is necessary. Not being able to see what is going on… Well, unnerving.

So about the third or fourth time I underwent this process… I asked to watch. The request was obliged.

I had them place a mirror so I could see up inside me, too.

Would you believe that the speculum stretched me wider than any man, up to that point in time, had.

Then after this process, the doctor put some ky jelly on his gloved hand thus proceeding to put an index finger inside me and pushed from the outside with his other hand.

I asked what he was doing.
It was explained that he was checking my ovary.

….. Whoah!!!! My ovary!!!! He could touch my ovary with… a finger????

Immediately, I asked to have him show me how to do this with my own hand.

He obliged.
The nurse almost passed out.

She was so embarrassed, she left the room. As long as I continued to see this OBGYN, which was quite often over the years, that particular nurse was always nice, but she was never in the room with me again.

I had learned, in less than a few seconds, how to put my hand inside me, pass the vagina, go into the uterus, up the fallopian tube and touch my own ovary… with my own index finger from the inside!!! A skill that has served me well ever since.

Every visit to my OBGYN included the practice of checking both ovaries with… a finger.

I now knew how to do what he spent years in medical school to learn and something most women (and men) fail to understand about human female sexual organs.

I knew how to reach, palpitate, finesse and move the “parts rarely understood” in myself and in others.

You need to learn your own body well enough to be able to do this!!!!
You will be able to tell if something is right or wrong just by feel.

What else about this magical box did I need to understand? It can stretch to birth twins. It can be so tight it bends q-tips. I’ve seen chicks in Thailand use it to throw darts. I know it can gush fluid. What other things aren’t my medical professionals telling me about this amazing body part?

If a finger can touch your ovary… Then size is a moot question. It’s obviously a matter of choice…

The more important question is… If a finger can touch my Ovary from the inside… Where is my g-spot? Can I have multiple g-spots? Can I put them where I want them? What do they look and feel like? Why do some women not have them?

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If I'd known these things when I was younger... Oh... the different roads I might have traveled. Its never too late to ensure a better future for someone else when good knowledge is passed around.

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