Letter #2 Part 4

Letter #2 Part 4
The first time…

The first time I had sex, it was a pretty miserable experience.

It probably lasted all of… maybe 30 seconds.

This wonderfully, imaginative, incredibly UNcreative, 30 second experience included deciding to have sex, putting the condom on, and oops it was over.

I often wondered why fairy tales told me that there was a magic Prince who would know how to operate me and deliver my heart’s desires.

I really hated Disney at that moment.

I figured I had just made a poor choice in judgement with that partner so I continued to search elsewhere to find a better lay.

As a teenager I was under the erroneous concept that men were well versed in sex.

Wow! Teenage guys know just about as much about the female body as a doorknob knows about activating a female orgasm. That was a disappointing revelation!

In my mind, before the clothes hit the floor, each and every one of these inexperienced partners were going to fulfill my dreams, fantasies and elevate me to knowledge that wasn’t on my radar.

The truth, I discovered after each new taste of forbidden fruit, was that many teenage sexual experiences were disappointing.

Shattered at the realization that one of the greatest gifts we have… The female orgasm, would be an unfulfilled fantasy; I started making a list so that I could remember who these people with lack-luster sexual skills were.

There were/are so many “fish in the sea” that I didn’t think it would be wise to give an uneducated partner a second chance.

There were times I looked over my “not again” list and I still could not remember who these people were.

I found it rather embarrassing to be introduced to someone I didn’t remember I had engaged in sex with at some prior time.

And of course, there were usually drugs involved.

Being a really beautiful girl give me the opportunity to expand my horizons beyond the high school realm.

You know what to do…. Letter #2 Part 5

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If I'd known these things when I was younger... Oh... the different roads I might have traveled. Its never too late to ensure a better future for someone else when good knowledge is passed around.