Letter#3 Medical terminology

Letter #3 Medical terminology…

Go to web md or a similar doctor site and read / look at the pictures of your body’s anatomical structure.

It won’t show you a g-spot, m-spot, s-spot or other fun box spot. (Probably because the experts can’t agree on most of this. Later in this letter I will explain in glorious detail why, too.)

Viewing the medical anatomy color images will give you the location terminology for a bartholin’s gland, skene’s gland and the other openings that exude fluid between your legs.

There are four separate places where fluid can come out between the thighs of a female… not just two!

When you were a child, as all children do, you explored your body. As a young child, I would assume… Like most kids… You were told not to continue playing with your private parts.

Now that they are developing into their adult forms… Its time to get to know you!

The female body…
Decide what you want your little love box to look like. Do things that help keep that shape. Being a tight-hole snob, I have a few ideas I will share with you…

Look at some xxx porn sites specifically to see what other vaginas look like with time and use. Some are pretty scary. Some look like they could take flight. Some look like objects could get lost in there.

The hole should always close after the object used is withdrawn. If it does not… then that means someone has not been doing their kegel exercises.

I love digging around on WebMD and reading medical journals to see what the professionals are talking about and telling their patients but holy cow… Could these writers be more vague or flat misleading when it comes to things that could greatly benefit sexual experience without buying proprietary drugs? Probably not… that is how they make their money.

To learn how to do proper kegel exercises to learn how to control an orgasm… whether you are a man or woman… the simplest method is to use your internal muscles to stop the flow of urine when taking a piss.

Nobody can show you this so start by just pinching down and stopping the flow of fluid when you pee.

Your body knows how to do this subconsciously. You need to bring that subconscious action to the conscious part of your mind so you can use that talent at will.

Next step… achieve the command ability to stop the wizz and hold your muscles taught for three seconds, release the flow for three seconds, stop the flow for three seconds and continue doing that as a regular practice until your entire bladder is evacuated.

That process uses your internal muscles.

The paragraph above is how it was explained to me and how I learned to isolate the internal muscles and start strengthening them.

Kegel exercises, where you can hold for ten second intervals, strengthen the muscles that hold the vaginal hole as well as the urethra closed.

It should not matter what size object is going in and out of your vagina… the hole should always close after use.

A loose pussy is one that is desensitized. That means… you don’t feel much. You will not orgasm properly this way.

Kegel muscles will help you squirt but those muscles that can be trained for orgasmic fluid loss require different exercises that I will get to at a more appropriate time.

Learn to crawl before you try to run.

Start with holding and releasing your pee stream.

Incidentally, some gmo foods… like Oreos, which I used to eat by the ton, have something in them these days which negatively impact the brain’s ability to control bladder function and use of the kegel exercise muscles.

Since I love my orgasms and ability to not piss myself in public… I quit eating Oreo cookies. Problem was solved.

Then I got the bright idea to cut out all fast food… Mickey D’s, booger king, taco ding dong and the like. Wow! What a difference it made. I have enjoyed the totally noticeable results.

Next item…
Don’t pull on your outer labia as they will elongate. Push to keep things small… Don’t pull. You will get the same tingly feeling with a pushing rub that you do with pulling but the long term visual will be different.

Let’s say I’m too late in giving you this information and you have been tugging on your labia since birth.

Don’t consider having your labia reduced as this is where the nerve endings exist that make sex really fun.

I just told you how to make the hole tighter and the stretched labia can be taught to tighten down on whatever phallic object you consider for appropriate use.

Medically cutting the nerves off is counter productive.

When porn star Houston developed bat wings and decided to have this procedure to remove the flappy skin done; she was quite proud of the event and subsequent public sale of her divided parts.

This act let me know that she never had a real orgasm, even when she fucked 500 men in a row.

How sad to be considered an expert at sex then prove to the entire world that your enjoyment was faked by gleefully cutting off that which serves the female orgasm!

Geez, I’m living proof one can have obnoxious amounts of sex and never have a stretched out saggy pussy. I guess tight pussy is about technique and exercises.

Even though female mutilation is a standard practice in some cultures, even a butchered vagina can produce some amazing orgasms.

Why… because women are lucky enough to have multiple ways to orgasm.

Some say their erogenous zone is the clitoris while others the labia. Some think it is only internal and others say it is in the mind.

Only ignorant fools will say female gushing orgasms are not possible… maybe they are just envious or possibly just not nearly as educated as they would like you to believe.

I’m gonna vote for physical, emotional and spiritual as a balanced combination to achieve the monumental fluid loss with commensurate shaking and brain melt that produces what I know is possible.

To explain how far away from normally accepted practices this really is… a long, long time ago… I sent one of the most famous “sexperts” a video showing hours of footage with more than one hundred orgasms… all done in one session; expecting him, of all people, to “get it.” Guess what… he thought it was fake.

I don’t know how to make a fake video of a camera up inside a vaginal canal showing growth of a g-spot or fluid loss from vaginal walls during a gushing orgasm. I only know how to show the real truth.

There are probably a couple thousand people who have witnessed this as a live audience members and can attest, along with the physical participants to the validity of what is possible.

Just because the people in your world haven’t done it or don’t think it is possible… just means they haven’t cultivated the talent to operate themselves to their full potential.

Vaginas can take a lot of “punishment.” They stretch to reproduce. They get pounded for fun. I even believe that when Adam and Eve were in the Garden, this was intended as a source of pleasures, not pains.

Biblically speaking, one the big punishments from God was that child birth would be painful as a result of disobedience. Reading between the lines, I believe with good reason, that this reference meant the female vagina was created for much greater enjoyment than what modern society would have us believe. Punishments are generally designed to take away something of great value to change a behavior.

I found an interesting correlation between humans and animals… As our food choices have changed… Organic to GMO… Female sexual organs have evolved in much the same way… And roughly in line… With the animals we eat.

The clitoris has moved from close to the vaginal opening (ladies of the 1970s) to higher up the labia and separate (ladies of the mid 2000s) as if clitoral stimulation is a separate function from intercourse.

At one time the gall bladder served a function. We don’t eat grass anymore so the gall bladder is pretty useless these days.

Evolving is what life on Earth does. Lets evolve to exercises for one of my favorite body parts…

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If I'd known these things when I was younger... Oh... the different roads I might have traveled. Its never too late to ensure a better future for someone else when good knowledge is passed around.

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