Letter #3 Part 6

Experts say that not all women have a g-spot.

Prima facie, this is true.

Because there is so much confusion surrounding this issue, I’m going to do my best to relate this information in a very non-technical way so everybody gets it.

For the mechanics in the room… a woman’s vagina is much like starting a diesel engine.

The glow plugs of a diesel motor have to get warmed up before the motor will crank.

The heater or electric current that heats the glow plugs is foreplay. You know your foreplay worked when you are both dripping wet.

The glow plugs are like the g-spot.

Once the glow plugs are operational, the heated diesel fuel can spark, the motor can crank and then you can step on the gas and get to the destination. Got it? Good!

So, how does one create a g-spot?

A g-spot is an area that has been rubbed so often on a regular basis that it is more sensitive than the areas around it.

Not unlike a blister, but far less painful, and actually quite fun, the sensitive area fills with fluid.

Essentially, you create your own internal pleasure centers.

You may also create as many as you want.

You can put them where you want.

(Just like a guy can create a bend to the left… you may create an internal g-spot anywhere you want it.)

For example…
If your partner has a 2″ penis… And assuming you have sex regularly (3 times a week), chances are that your g-spot will be right inside the inner labia.

If the partner has a 6″ penis and you only do it doggie style, your g-spot will be on either the anterior or posterior side of the vaginal wall about 3″ inside you. Anterior or posterior will be determined by how much you arch your back.

If your partner is 10″, expect your happy place to reside right below the uterine opening.

If your partner rubs your clit with every stroke… Then this will become the most active region.

Over time, you can use your hand, toys, blue jeans or acceptable humans to create new pleasure centers and make them accessible at will.

Different partners of different bend angles and sizes will create different happy spot locations.

The one big thing I learned was that it takes rubbing… not vibrating to make a g-spot.

Once you’ve made the spot, you can vibrate it… but I was never able to create one by vibration… and trust me… I tried.

Most females stop at zero or one, maybe two happy spots.

If you decide…later in life… to go the route of multiple partners at the same time in separate holes or multiple partners at the same time in the same hole… Having multiple g-spots will prove incredibly advantageous for multiple orgasms.

The graffenburg spot is small at first but as the area is rubbed, swelling occurs.

Even with everyday use, I find it may take up to an hour for my g-spot area to go from flat dime to peanut size to the size of a hard boiled egg.

For me, it takes about an hour to get my happy spots out of bed and ready to work for my enjoyment.

Once mine get big, it takes a long time for the swelling to go down.

As long as these spots are swollen… it is super easy to orgasm. Ridiculously easy to orgasm.

Multiple orgasms can mean about a hundred or more… not 3. (Nobody does 1,000 push ups on day one and nobody has 100 orgasms on their first successful attempt at having multiple orgasms.)

Once swollen, any happy spot is super easy to see on camera.

When I’m not turned on… A camera inside me reveals absolutely NOTHING! I look flat like everyone else.

And this is why the medical professionals cannot seem to agree on where the happy spot is or why some people have them when others don’t or even how many spots one can have or what they should be called: g-spot, m-spot, s-spot… but You know what’s what.

Teenagers reading this… Learn these exercises but Don’t try to tell this to an adult or OBGYN as they have been preconditioned by society to believe: teens don’t have sex before marriage, virgins will magically figure this out, none of this is possible or that the studies conducted by Masters and Johnson in the 1960s are the definitive work to explain orgasms for all humanity. (If any of that arcane bullshit was true… I would not be putting this on the internet… because we would still be writing on loose-leaf paper with lead pencils.)

If most females need a good hour of palpitation in order for the happy spot to want to join the fun, but sex with their partner lasts less than ten minutes… I don’t think many women have ever known what is possible.

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Letter #3 Part 7


I had no idea... Thank you. Valentine's day is just around the corner and My sex life just got better thanks to this.


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If I'd known these things when I was younger... Oh... the different roads I might have traveled. Its never too late to ensure a better future for someone else when good knowledge is passed around.

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