Letter #3 Part 7

A quickie is for a guy.

An all-nighter is for a girl.

Most guys who roll their eyes and say they have to get up early… are too lazy to please their partners.

Avoid those “gems.” All that says is that they want gratification but yours is not nearly as important.

Who wants to be in that kind of lopsided relationship?

Hold out for a good guy who can handle a few “sleepless nights” and this, in my opinion, is a workable deal.

So, your new beau does not have the stamina to keep up with your needs? Enter vibrators…

They don’t give you diseases. They don’t complain if you cheat.

They are terrible public dates. But lots of fun if you have to get hand checked by TSA at the airport… And you have one in your carry on luggage.

Lots of ways to deal with this.

Appropriately and ideally, your human choice of companion is just as turned on using himself or toys on you for foreplay.

He is engaged in the act of your satisfaction during the entire time… However long that takes.

An egg inside you that he controls during dinner and a movie so that after those, you are primed for enjoyment… is acceptable.

I will write to you about my favorite toys… I know you will like them, too.

Meanwhile you can search the internet to get started on the homework I’ve given you above.

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Continued in

Letter #3 Part 9


gift an egg...gift an egg


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If I'd known these things when I was younger... Oh... the different roads I might have traveled. Its never too late to ensure a better future for someone else when good knowledge is passed around.

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