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Letter #17
Picking a Glass Toy for Training

One of my favorite toys is this little piece of glass with a bulbous top (start with the 1″ wide variety) that narrows to a small shaft with a wide circular base containing bumpy nodules. It has a round handle below the base.

This basic shape comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The 3” depth is best for training… vaginally or anally.

Use the 1”-1.5” width tip that is rounded… not the pointy one. The shaft width for this size is usually ¾”.

You want an initial toy that has some distinct variation between the head and the shaft so that you can train your internal parts to “suck down” on the entire unit… to conform to the shape of the toy.

The whole toy only needs a dime sized drop of organic coconut oil to be properly lubed.

Set up a wide mouth glass with ice cubes and a little water beside your “space.”
This is what you put the toy in when it is not inside you.

Ever wonder why they call it “hot pussy”… you are about to find out.

You will probably like the cold sensation on the tip.

At the speed of your heartbeat… and using alternating hands (you need to be ambidextrous to be properly balanced) slowly twist the toy in in one-half inch increments and then twist it back out.

As you twist the toy in… breathe in.

Breathe in for a count of 8 (or four heartbeats).

Reverse the process at the same speed while you exhale.

Continue to match breath and heartbeat.

Allow your internal sensory skin to feel what is going on.

The twisting motion should cause your internal skin to conform to the toy.

This is super important!!!!
Slow is super important!!!!

You are not trying to stretch yourself… you are trying to teach yourself how to allow a foreign object in and then compress the object with your vaginal walls. This will allow you to stay “tight” regardless of the size of the object.

You are “introducing” a foreign body into your body. Give your body a chance to get to know it’s new dance partner.

Keep using the half inch twisting and untwisting method until the nodules at the base of the toy meets your clitoris.
Now you can play “twist-her.”

Just like in yoga… Pay attention to your heartbeat and breathing rhythms.

This skill is akin to the finger warm up exercises of a piano player.

Breathing through the body, slowly matching the speed of the toy moving in and out, will help immensely when you learn how to orgasm.

When things get a little too hot, stick the toy back in the ice cubes for a minute.

Use this break time to go to the bathroom and drink a glass of water.
Repeat as necessary.

Notice I never said anything about going jackrabbit fast… that is because fast does not produce the same sensation as slow.

Fast may be great if you have no sensitivity and the only thing you can feel is the “in thrust” momentum. Follow my instructions to be able to feel everything!!! This produces much greater sensitivity and thus, better orgasms.

Being taught how to stay tight will please your partner but it will please you so much more.
Women might giggle about how men were circumcised after birth, removing the 8,000 nerve endings at the head of the penis… desensitizing them.
Maybe this was a good thing to help them last longer.
While I think that is a poorly constructed argument… Having that flap of skin removed does make the area easier to clean.

Men have been giggling, too!
Fast and not being able to feel everything… desensitizes You!
… And that… is missing the mark entirely.

Continues in next post…

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Thank you for sharing! This new understanding is going to make my relationship better. I would like to support your continued educational efforts.


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If I'd known these things when I was younger... Oh... the different roads I might have traveled. Its never too late to ensure a better future for someone else when good knowledge is passed around.