Click Your Mouse part three

Letter #18
Upsizing a Glass Toy

Ok, so now you want a deeper penetration toy than the 3” one. Are you sure you are ready to move up in size?

Can you move the toy in an out of you… At least 1/2” in both directions? Without the use of your hands?

Are you able to insert the toy completely, lay on your back And do 10 sit ups without having the toy go flying out of you? (Before you try this… place a pillow between your knees and do not face a window.)

If they toy flies out… you are practicing to be a dart thrower… not an orgasm queen.

If you can’t control the toy without your hands or during ten friggin sit ups… you are not ready to move up to something larger.

When you are able to control the first trainer toy…. Move up in size… Lengthwise… one inch at a time.

Do not increase in width, yet. Stay with thin things.
Thin helps continue to train your insides to compress.

I always liked the shafts with bumpy nodes on the sides.

The twisting motion is accentuated by the bumps. These bumps also help more of your internal surface to get used to being manipulated.

This is a good thing when creating multiple g-spots.

The same exercises apply to all size toys.

It does not matter if the toy is a q-tip or a fist trainer… although, fisting is not a selling point unless you can bend a q-tip with your box and without your hands immediately afterwards.

Frankly, fisting is a very bad idea unless you have already had kids. There is just too much room for error that can do permanent damage even trying this.

When you have a solid ability to do 50 sit ups with a thin girth 6” toy inside you that does not come flying out… try walking across the room with the object inserted.

Try this in heels… do you know how to walk in heels yet?
If your knees bend, even slightly when you take a step, the heels are too high.

Ask iphone Grandma to teach you how to walk in heels. She taught me to be able to gracefully stand, dance, go up and down stairs and run in 6” stiletto heels. I’ve taught proper stance, step and gait to many females…it’s a niche for the transgender market and absolute requirement for purist BDSM.

Master the twist, sit ups, walking back and forth across the room barefoot AND doing it in heels with a 6” thin toy before sizing up.

You won’t be sizing to longer…you are sizing to a wider girth.

When you have mastered all the above with a 6”x1.5” width toy… you can move up to 7” long toys.
The selections get better but be very careful going bigger….

MOST HUMAN MALES ARE NOT BIGGER THAN 7”. They like to think they are… but they are not.

After playing with a 7” or larger toy, you should always do a downsize exercise as your workout cool down.

What do I mean… after using the 7” toy, then use the 6” toy until all your internal parts conform to it and then repeat this process with the 5”, 4” and 3” starter toys… then squeeze your pinky finger… and finally get down to the size of a q-tip.

In order to have really good gushing orgasms, you should be tighter at the end of sex/masturbating than you were at the beginning.

There are other exercises to teach you about gushing orgasms which I will get to later. You need to be able to master these things first.

There is a safety aspect to the gushing orgasm that is important for your benefit in addition to the sheer pleasure and joy they bring. I will write a specific letter about the safety aspects… Which could save your life.

Do me a huge favor… please bite your lip and don’t laugh out loud when you hear uneducated men talk about virgin pussy being tight and sexually experienced women being loose. Sure that is their experience. They are ignorant. They can’t buy a Thesaurus to fix that. It is your option to enlighten them or not… but nobody believes this until they experience it.

Let Joey-bag-of-donuts or captain-america-of-the-football-team live in la la Land and go smiling (quietly) on your way… or you might find yourself in a world of trouble at the next house party.

The point for doing these strengthening exercises isn’t for his benefit… it is for your benefit!

Yes. Tighter at the end than the beginning… not looser… makes the in and out or up and down feel better the longer you do it… whether the inserted object has a heartbeat or not.

There is also one more important reason for doing these excercises to stay tight… Having strong muscles will help prevent prolapses. While I have explained all of this under the heading of vaginal insertion techniques… The exercises work just as well for anal training.

Remember… In the womb, sex organs begin with the same tissue. A loose pussy is equivalent to a floppy dick and neither are much fun!

Enjoy your training.

Love you,
C. Change


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