The Sounds of Nut Music

Letter # 13 part 6
Now you have the ability to hear the music in a physical sense and your body should have some form of muscle contraction response.

You should also have the ability to push and pull a toy in and out of you without the use of your hands.

I don’t think you will be able to spin the toy sans hands but if you figure it out, would you please drop me a note and tell me how you figured it out.

Now combine the music to the in and out motion of the toy sans hands.
Why did I want you to do a hands-on twisting toy montage first?

That application teaches the muscles that all the areas along the walls are necessary for inclusion.

The twisting is different than just a push or pull… or laying there with a vibrator.

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Letter #13 Part 7 Oh the Places I did Go Dr. Seuss

Sticking with The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcraker Ball theme, let’s make up some new corresponding words to the tune. Visualize the notes making a physical act with a partner.

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is not the first dance in the ballet so if properly executed with a partner, everything in the music before this is foreplay and this song would begin actual copulative practice.

Now sing these phrases to the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy tune ala Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music… because these are more of my favorite things.

First four bars:
Cat crawl over to your man, on all fours, slow as you can.

Bars five to…
First you straddle your partner, dripping wet, slide it in, up and down, up and down, stay at the top, with a little twist, shimmy to the base… 360 with your hips, up and down, up and down, lick belly nipple to armpit, shimmy to the base…

Ok you should be at the 30 second mark at this point. There’s about 2:10 left to go… but why should I tell you how to choreograph your sex… put your own spin into your movement. Own this.

In case you’ve never seen multiple versions of The Nutcracker Ballet, just about every choreographer makes this ballet their own. I have only witnessed two troupes emulate the original Russian ballet. As such, take liberties with my suggestions but keep them within reason.

I will have you swinging from the ceiling soon enough – but this is not the type of music for tied up situations.

Love you,
C. Change

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Thank you for the laughter and great technical exercises. Mastering Letter #13 will make a big difference in my sex life.


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If I'd known these things when I was younger... Oh... the different roads I might have traveled. Its never too late to ensure a better future for someone else when good knowledge is passed around.

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