Bible Sex

From Letters to Jamison (the book)

Letter #9
Why am I writing you these letters with this crazy “TMI stuff”, that in reality, should not be on your radar or even of interest to you at this age?
Because I know the first time you are confronted with one of these situations and you don’t have enough facts to respond appropriately… It is probably not going to end well.

You’ve probably heard the following euphemisms… Do you know their meaning?
Drinking the kool-aid… Taking in a bunch of bs and sucking it down without question.
A puppet never hates his strings… The one being yanked or lied to… likes it.
Being marionetted… A puppet on a string, being controlled.
You can’t bullshit a bull shitter… An educated individual is not easily fooled.

Sex really isn’t a bad thing. I like to add these caveats …if its done well and for the right purpose.
During world war 2, unmarried, teenage girls “had a baby for Hitler” and at the time, in that country… That was the right thing to do.
Obviously, I never had children so the whole “get married and have a baby” thing has never been a concept that rang true for me.

I want to delve a little bit into sex and religion before I go into a whole bunch of other stuff that I think will make your sex life better for the long term.
The religion part is important because it goes back to the spiritual enlightenment aspect… The third part of of what sex entails.

If you are missing the spiritual component, you are missing out on at least one-third of sex and 100% of the reason for doing it in the first place.

In 1800s America, school math classes were taught using the Bible. Reading was also done using the Bible. I don’t know if you read it yet… But there is a lot of fascinating sex stuff in there.

Think about the progenesis of our species… Two people made all of us… I’m guessing that in order to achieve this, people had sex with their own family members.
(Royal blood is the same concept, whether an Egyptian Pharaoh or English Blue blood.)

8 individuals supposedly survived the Great Flood… The flood story of Noah’s ark.
Again… Sex with family members seems the obvious method even if our society (and in my opinion rightfully so), cringes at the thought. The Bible clearly states that one of Noah’s sons had sex with Noah’s wife and Noah hated that son.

God even called a child of one king, “An Abomination” and told the parents to kill it. They didn’t. Bad things happened.
Needless to say… These people who had sex with their family members are also the ones that had the closest ties to God and direct communication with him.

Talk about shaking up the moral religious puritans… If you “high and mighty men and women of the cloth” are going to beat the Bible, then please be honest about what is in there… all of it, not just the few sentences taken out of context with which you high-horse. (Yep, you won’t find me in any Sunday preacher’s church… I’m not much for receiving the mark of the beast… Saturday is Sabbath… not Sunday. God gives the mark… it is not a human made microchip or bar code.)
Moving on…

The kings of old had female sex slaves… Called concubines.
Concubines were taught sexual skills to please their partners.

(The Kama Sutra was written for men by men and women were taught by women… Makes one wonder when society fell so hard mom’s quit passing the good stuff down to their daughters and father’s quit educating their sons…. Hmm.)

Some of our most famous biblical kings had many wives… not just on or two but hundreds or thousands. Some of these men had more children than any woman can bear in a lifetime.

We know it was acceptable for Sarah to send her maid in to have sex with her husband, thus creating the father of the Islamic faith.

King Solomon got in trouble because he had a wife who convinced him to put an idol in God’s holy place. Seriously, that must have been really good pussy. Think about that for a minute… Choosing pussy over (ahem) God?

The songs of Solomon are all about love. He had over 1,000 wives and concubines.
Think about this for a minute… if he had to knock up over a thousand women… probably more than once to get the job done… King Solomon was a pretty busy boy.

King David, of David and Goliath fame, fell in love with an army commander’s wife and when David could not have the wife… He sent the husband into battle to be killed so he could have the now widowed woman. Never mind that David already had 6 other wives in the castle.

Esther was the “King’s favorite.”
It is said that she had “special skills.”
An astute individual would recognize this as “sexual prowess” that separated her from the rest of his female companions.

Lot, who was considered the only upright “Man of God” in Sodom and Gomorrah, threw his virgin daughter out the front door to be raped, beaten and killed in order to protect the two angels who appeared at his door. The angels did stop her from imminent death by angry mob; however, Lot’s behavior did not tarnish his reputation with God. We know that Lot was the only person saved when hell-fire destroyed the cities. Excuse me, but a father who throws his virgin daughter out the front door to be gang raped, beaten and killed by an angry mob… is the best most god right person worthy of saving??? Apparently so.

What, then, does God consider appropriate behavior… Because I never heard anyone in modern times say that being this type of parent would get you into heaven.

Considering what your life is like today… Isn’t it great to have what you do?
Personally, I am a much bigger fan of a matriarch dominant society (like ancient, ancient Egypt had… two brothers vying for the affection of one sister) than the patriarchal society we currently live in.

Reading between the lines of the Bible… Women who were sex goddesses managed to keep their heads and places of power.

Whether an honest statement or not, I have read multiple accounts, started hundreds of years after Jesus’ death, stating his wife, Mary, was a prostitute when he met her. While not attributed as one of the twelve disciples in modern society, the gnostic texts do not hide the fact that she received more enlightenment and was favored above the male disciples. It must have worked well in her favor as she was at the crucifixion and was the first to see him alive after the tomb. Can you imagine wanting to have sex with anyone after knowing that guy? Well, once you know the spiritual aspect to sex… People who don’t have the spiritual awakening will be so obvious, it will be as if they wore a big flashing sign that says “I’m not worth your time.”

Why do bad things happen to people? The first few paragraphs of the Book of Job clearly state that this is all a game to God. He allows bad things to happen to people to see how they will respond. If they manage to pass all the tests… Then they are restored to better.

It goes on and on so please read these stories and learn from them.

I am not advocating child rape, molestation, sex with family members, multiple wives or a whole lot of other things that you will find when you read the pages but I am merely pointing out that what American society and the Christian right preach about good moral values, sex and procreation are a bit askew from what is written in the old testament.

Which is what brings me to the point of this letter… Love.

By now, you should seriously be wondering what Love really means.

I don’t know what your preacher tells you but…
IF Your preacher hasn’t been telling you the whole story about all these other things… Guess what…

Sex versus Love… They are NOT the Same.

Part 2
Sex versus Love… They are NOT the Same!
Do you remember back in the very first letter when I said “teenage sex was like riding a tricycle versus love being like a Ferrari?”
If your skill set only allows you to ride a tricycle there is absolutely no way that you would be able to operate a Ferrari correctly without the necessary skills.

People talk about falling in love.
My experiences have been Unmistakable.
LOVE… love … as in the type that some fairy tales are talking about, true love, love at first sight, call it what you will… is like getting hit in the head with a baseball bat.

There is no possible way anyone could mistake this feeling… if they have had the emotional connection.

When people say “I think I’m in love” or “oh, maybe that is love”… It is not the true love I am talking about.

This can’t be explained. It can only be experienced.
It isn’t experienced by many.
That is because one must open their heart and be vulnerable in order to receive it.

There is such a thing as Love at first sight.
I have experienced it… More than once.
It will SHRED the fabric of what you think you know about yourself.
It is MORE than worth the experience. Jump into the deep end with both feet and without hesitation!!!

New Testament wise… This “hit-in-the-head-with-a-baseball-bat-type-of-love” that changes your energy chakras and makes the world a different place… is the kind of Love that Jesus was talking about when he said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”
It is deep.

I will go so far as to say that being a true Christian means loving him back the same way he loves you. Not real surprising why the gnostic texts that are attributed to Jesus and quotes from him in the New Testament say very few will enter into his fathers house. (Narrow gate reference, Being a little child, etc.)

Just like death is part of life, a person will get hurt falling in love. There is no way around it. I think that is why most people never dive that deep.

If you want to have the type of orgasms that leave a 6′ (foot) diameter puddle on the floor, a couch that drips for days or a ruined mattress… Regular, basal, hollow, angry, evil, violent, shallow, or dinner plate deep type sex is not going to get it done. You will have to accept that real true love, being vulnerable and getting hurt is the only way to achieve this type of high and converse low when it ends.

Instead of having full and complete relationships with another adult to have a whole relationship and mind-blowing orgasms, instead people choose to have children.

In my opinion, people have children so they will know what unconditional love feels like. Even if that unconditional love only lasts a few months.

You are more than capable of having this unconditional loving experience in an adult relationship if you are willing. Adult relationship means adult… Not teenage.

I strongly suggest being available to fall deeply and passionately in-love with a suitable partner. No matter what extreme sport or activity I have engaged in, real LOVE is the only reason to come to this planet.

Without experiencing it… You will miss out on the best that life has to offer.

I know lots of people who do not want to know what I do about love. That is ok. They also have to accept that their sex life is never going to be as good as it could as long as they refuse to be “bigger.”

That pill seems to cause some consternation. In short, if you are not willing to put in the work… You cannot have the prize.

Part 3
Love never leaves and Love never dies.
Sure relationships end but what you shared together does not. (Memories, good times, stds or love…)

I know it feels like the world has ended when a mind-blowing relationship ends.
Why I didn’t show up at your christening… I was spending valuable time crying on the floor over a failed/ failing relationship.

Nobody understood and nobody could help me.
They had never experienced this themselves. I had no mentor or roadmap.

You have heard of these relationships… One partner dies or leaves and the other can’t bear to be without them.
Without their soul mate, their world is seemingly over.

I managed to “survive the fall” but I have never been the same since.

My great take-a-way…
If the best thing you’ve ever known in your life is gone…
Get up and make an even better relationship happen.
Crying about it will not make the situation better.

You take the best parts and bring them to a new relationship.
You learn from the parts that really sucked. Well, you learn that half of the problem was yours. You will need to critically look at what happened… Every link in the chain and how, when presented with a similar situation… YOU will behave differently to achieve a different outcome.

If you do this… I know firsthand that the next great relationship will be better than the one before it that you didn’t think you could survive without. The one that follows the second great relationship will be better than the first two.

Just throwing this out there… My best friend is my soul. My second best friend is my first true love. He made me be a better person.
The biggest goal of these letters is to help you be your own best friend.
Love you,

C. Change

Dr.B and My Ovary

I must have been a very interesting child.
There was a visit to my OBGYN when I was still in high school that was so memorable… I must relate this story.

Maybe you haven’t yet had the uncomfortable pleasure of having your private parts examined, for money, by a physician.

Besides the sterile, cold environment, you will be visited by a doctor and a nurse while you are covered with a paper sheet in the most compromising position… Your feet in stirrups while you view cheap ceiling tiles.

Not being able to see what they are doing, the doctor will put a plastic or metal object inside you, stretch you and take a small cutting or scraping of cells from your vaginal wall to be viewed under a microscope. The test is necessary. Not being able to see what is going on… Well, unnerving.

So about the third or fourth time I underwent this process… I asked to watch. The request was obliged.

I had them place a mirror so I could see up inside me, too.

Would you believe that the speculum stretched me wider than any man, up to that point in time, had.

Then after this process, the doctor put some ky jelly on his gloved hand thus proceeding to put an index finger inside me and pushed from the outside with his other hand.

I asked what he was doing.
It was explained that he was checking my ovary.

….. Whoah!!!! My ovary!!!! He could touch my ovary with… a finger????

Immediately, I asked to have him show me how to do this with my own hand.

He obliged.
The nurse almost passed out.

She was so embarrassed, she left the room. As long as I continued to see this OBGYN, which was quite often over the years, that particular nurse was always nice, but she was never in the room with me again.

I had learned, in less than a few seconds, how to put my hand inside me, pass the vagina, go into the uterus, up the fallopian tube and touch my own ovary… with my own index finger from the inside!!! A skill that has served me well ever since.

Every visit to my OBGYN included the practice of checking both ovaries with… a finger.

I now knew how to do what he spent years in medical school to learn and something most women (and men) fail to understand about human female sexual organs.

I knew how to reach, palpitate, finesse and move the “parts rarely understood” in myself and in others.

You need to learn your own body well enough to be able to do this!!!!
You will be able to tell if something is right or wrong just by feel.

What else about this magical box did I need to understand? It can stretch to birth twins. It can be so tight it bends q-tips. I’ve seen chicks in Thailand use it to throw darts. I know it can gush fluid. What other things aren’t my medical professionals telling me about this amazing body part?

If a finger can touch your ovary… Then size is a moot question. It’s obviously a matter of choice…

The more important question is… If a finger can touch my Ovary from the inside… Where is my g-spot? Can I have multiple g-spots? Can I put them where I want them? What do they look and feel like? Why do some women not have them?

Continued at

Doctrine and Fact Checking

Throughout these letters, (and there are a couple hundred of them explaining about 40 years of uncommon sexual knowledge), I will say things that defy common doctrine.

It is normal for people to be confused, angry, defiant or even accepting of the information.
As such, since many of the concepts may be hard to corroborate, based on the obfuscation of real truth, I would like to make two posts that can be verified by external sources.

Think of it this way… why do men like virgins?
The normally given answer is that they are tight.
The real answer is that they have no experience by which to baseline how crappy this first sexual encounter really is!

In essence, if you don’t know something… you have no metric by which to make a judgement about whether or not it was great or if it really sucked.

Be assured, the first time anyone does something… hitting a baseball, throwing a football, riding a bicycle, baking chocolate chip cookies or sex… there is great hope that as they continue to throw effort at the “situation”… they do become more knowledgeable and hopefully more proficient on the subject matter.

Not everyone who plays T-ball ends up playing for the Yankees. Not everyone who plays high school pigskin is going to the NFL. Not everyone who has sex ends up a sexual Dynamo.

You may not feel the need to expand your skills in the sexual arena be the best thing in a sport fucking contest. (Yep… there is a Sex Olympics, too. It’s invitation only… don’t feel bad if you have never heard of it. …and it is Not how many people one person can fuck in 24 hours… if that’s a turn on… okay… but it’s not where you will ever find me.) Nonetheless, if I am able to impart some small thing that I learned that makes your life a better place to reside… then that is good enough.

Follow the links in the comments to the posts (1) Dr. B and my Ovary and (2) Bible Sex.

Any OBGYN may confirm the facts stated in post (1).
Pick up an older version of the King James Bible… not a new version as the “revised” semantics have changed the meaning… the facts can be confirmed via fact checking the paper form or via the Internet (I recommend Bible Hub) for (2).

C. Change


I decided to publish these private letters to my estranged niece because I have no idea if her parents gave them to her. I want her to have the benefit of my knowledge. If she looks or behaves anything like I did when I was her age… somebody is going to use whatever tactics necessary to get their hand in her cookie jar.

Knowledge is more powerful than ignorance or peer pressure.

I came from an era where the best sexual advice for pre-teens and teenagers usually came in the form of one of the following statements:. Don’t do it. Abstain until marriage. Its supposed to hurt the first time. Just lay there and it will be over in a few minutes. If you do have sex… Use a condom. (Of course, the male is responsible for providing the condom.)

While honestly given… I found most of these statements to be lies, bs or utterly useless.
Sex education in school did NOT teach me about the birds and the bees. Sex ed taught me the names of my private parts but I had no idea how to operate them properly.

Left to my own devices to discover the adult world of sexual gratification… I made more than a few mistakes that intelligent people should generally avoid.

However, if you want to believe that good sex is one person laying there and the other one doing the work… please move on. I don’t want to shatter your low expectations.

As a woman, (born with those parts), If you’ve been led to believe that getting drunk and having sex won’t ruin a real female orgasm… it is time to quit drinking the kool-aid… unless you never want to know what is possible. You stay in la-la land. This blog is for someone who wants to learn what their body should be able to do.

When I talk with other females, every woman wants to say that have had an orgasm. At my age, I can then ask if their orgasm produces as much fluid as when their water broke when they had their kid.

The answer is always no. Then I begin to explain that their orgasm… the regular one they say they are having, should release as much fluid as the amount of fluid that came out when their water broke.

Suddenly, there is a mutual understanding. They have NOT been having the great orgasm that they thought they were having… Oops! Truth bomb.

Oh… yeah! These Letters are designed to uncover that which has been hidden. The truth you should have always been told. The things that make life better. Some truths are uncomfortable… because they expose the lies you’ve been fed.

Personally, it took me a lot of hard knocks to find out the information here in. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the amount of mistakes involved to find the truth is probably why so few have this knowledge. I believe that human nature can either feed the jealous, cruel, evil wolf or the build-you-up and loving wolf. (One can’t have beautiful outcomes if they are ugly on the inside.)

I recognize that this information may help others even though it is specifically written for one person.
There is probative information herein I wish someone would have given me at the age of 12.
As often as I have seen commercials for Christmas sales, the goodies in these letters should have been repeatedly pounded into my brain.

To the parents of the world… if you really love your kids… like you say you do… give them better information about their future sex life than the crap you were fed.

To the 40 million teenagers in 2019… Don’t blame your parents if they have no idea what I’m expounding upon in these pages… they were fed a crock of lies and never went the distance to get better knowledge.

You are all lucky you landed here.
While you may look over the Table of Contents and see something that piques your interest more so than some of the other headings, I politely ask that you start at the beginning and do not skip around. The beginning is the first post. (By date.)

Each letter builds on a previous letter and jumping ahead without the prior knowledge may lead to a dangerously erroneous assumption.

Also, if you do not know a word… Get a thesaurus.
Ignorant is not a good way to go through life.

Finally, if you learned something that will help you… Consider donating one dollar to my literary efforts so I may be able to concentrate on the endeavor of assisting and empowering women across the globe instead of punching a 9-5 clock.

I would also ask that if you learned something you did not know… Please share the Letters to Jamison with at least two friends.
You never know… Something in here might help save their life or make their life a better one.
C. Change

A Little Truth Goes A Long Way

Teen Parenting PSA
Let’s face it folks… that talk you need to have with your kids about drugs and sex… is not going to go well if you don’t have the proper attitude or answers.

Most parents today remember the famous commercials showing a fried egg as your brain on drugs, a man running around a chair as a human-hamster on coke or a supermodel who takes out her false teeth and removes her make-up to reveal the dangers of meth.

Did these things stop us from doing drugs?
Did listening to boring statistics stop us from saying “No?”
Were alcoholic beverages or drugs involved the first time you had sex? Were drugs or alcohol the catalyst to get you or your partner into the sack?

We’ve been selling sex to underage kids since long before Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered.
Teen Vogue has more subscribers than the New York Times digital and print editions combined! (Numbers based on 2018 Google search data.)

It’s Time to change the conversation. The world is a different place than when we were growing up… and WE are the reason why our kids are facing different challenges than we did.

Up to 90% THC vape is available today but in the 80s or 90s, weed was around 4% THC. Back then, porn was a movie or vhs tape. Today, porn is made on a cell phone and uploaded in real time. 12 year olds are going through puberty and they look old enough for consent in some states!

If you are contemplating that “Don’t do it” talk your parents gave you (that didn’t work) or think you might not have all the answers to the questions you might be asked… consider flipping through the pages of Letters to Jamison. This is the information I gave to my own family to help their kids safely navigate the new landscape I helped to create.

Read it, put it in front of your kid and open the conversation based on a third party take on sex, drugs and ways to get out of a Bad situation when they realize they’ve made a mistake. You may not agree with everything… but the real solutions and scenarios, give you a way “in” to have an open and honest discussion with a curious or closed “out” teen. Remember when you were secretly looking for real knowledge in the least painful or embarrassing way?

When parents didn’t have the convincing answer to keep us out of trouble, most of us learned by trial and error….and error… And error…

Letters to Jamison chapters are filled with brutally honest nuggets of usefulness… they are not the politically correct canned answers from health professionals. Letters to Jamison are the truths the author wishes she knew “way back when.”

It’s good to know what to do when you get an STD when you are not old enough to have a Drivers License, (besides be angry, embarrassed and BUSTED), but wouldn’t that smart sex talk have been exponentially better if someone explained soap and water could keep you from getting skin contact diseases if you bathed immediately AFTER you had sex? (Instead of falling asleep or having a cigarette… bathe first, then cuddle when clean!)

Your quick little “avoidance” talk has to out-compete the sexually glorified behavior exhibited in TV shows like Shameless, Special Victims Unit, Game of Thrones and Teen Mom.

Your knowledge has to be more convincing than the porn industry, Hollywood, the music industry, the internet and 50 shades of fake hype combined.

Your level of confidence, greater than the “friend” or peer pressure.

If you really want to convince your teen not to do something… use the time-tested, proven solution of educating them about what they are missing out on when they make uneducated choices. Give them alternatives. Give them solutions. Give them the insider’s perspective from someone who has been in all those places you may not have wanted to go.

Sure you can wait until they are in a “serious” relationship… If your kid is like my siblings were… But I was the black sheep. At 14, drinking, doing drugs, having sex… And kids like me, have parents who swear their kid would never do these things at this age.

My college education was paid for, in part, by the sex industry… I had it. I used it. I also knew it wouldn’t last forever but my education would.

Now, I look back and see how our kids are making even worse mistakes because our “Gordon Gekko generation” showed how to get out of some of the consequences but failed miserably at how to avoid the mistakes in the first place.

If you don’t have this conversation, your kids will search out answers… just like you did, or maybe they will find much deeper and darker rabbit holes…

Follow the answers I gave my own family in Letters to Jamison here and via:

…Because knowledge is more powerful than ignorance or peer pressure!
Good luck.
C. Change