Volume 1 for Teens Is Published


Thank you for joining me on this giggle-fest journey behind the scenes and between the sheets to discover the magical world of taboo behavior. As a teenager, there wasn’t a lot of sound advice coming in my direction for what could or would happen down some of the dark paths I took.  I just knew the DANGER sign at the beginning of the craggy path littered with sparkles and shiny trinkets was a welcoming beacon to undiscovered territory and orgasmic glory.

Every journey has a beginning.  As such, I am going to throw a whole bunch of things at you that are not on your radar or a whole lot of other people’s radar.

If that special “talk” you got didn’t include options to create multiple g-spots and multiple orgasms, an index finger can touch an ovary from the inside, most skin to skin contact sexually transmitted diseases can be washed off after sex, why alcohol ruins a real female orgasm, why some male penises bend to the left, exercises to reduce or eliminate prolapse, is bigger really better, how to get tight if you are still wondering if it is in yet, knowing how to establish proper sexual boundaries, how to properly communicate with your partner, why women and men don’t begin to have the best orgasms of their lives until they are about thirty years old (yep) or the tell-tale signs to spot a bad lay from across the room…

When you were two, I bet you knew what a car was, you had probably seen a bicycle or even a tricycle but that Big Wheel in front of you was the item to master first.  Sex is no different!  You were born with all the parts but you can’t use them properly until you learn how. 

This book is dedicated to teaching you HOW. 

Follow some of the choice mistakes I encountered and how I got around or out of a few of the wrecks when I used the keys to my brand new Ferrari without knowing how to ride a bicycle first.  I was given the usual puritanical instructions under the guise of you will fall in love, get married and on your wedding night have the most amazing virgin sex Never known to mankind.  Translated to: you are going to go SPLAT!  Oh, not following the arcane program?  Well, in case you are having pre-marital sex, here’s the number to a counselor if you think you got pregnant or a sti/std during that massively disappointing 30 second love fest and don’t forget to use a condom… next time.

Cripes!  With that kind of advice, it is no wonder why people turn to porn for education.  At least their train wreck looks like fun.  Psssst… it’s an act.  It’s all fake.  Follow me through the pages and get the goods the behind-the-green-door cottage industry hides from the public.   If you are a gifted child, creative curious teenager, a twenty in search of a better sex life, a thirty getting ready to actually find the right one or a forty questioning it all… oh, let’s go visit some places you probably don’t want to go so you can make better, more educated choices.

You can thank me by sharing what you learn with others.  Get ready to put on your Super Cape and let’s confine ignorant education leading to poor sexual performance and diseases where they belong… back in the Stone Age.  Enjoy the Letters To Jamison.

C. Change

Terrifying Statistics

Two years ago an article was published in Ireland stating a whopping 44% of women aged 16-21 don’t enjoy their sex life.

The knot in the pit of my stomach when reading this fact is a combination of feelings ranging from a two year old whining “why mommy why” and simultaneously being unable to quit viewing a train-wreck.


Insert funny meme here…

Except… The problem is… This really isn’t funny. Its indicative of societal norms and massively unacceptable sexual education.

If I was at lunch with my “come sit by Me and let’s rant a bit” girlfriends, the conversation would flow along these lines…

As I looked down into my newborns eyes I imagined wonderful futures right up to the point where I added, “and you will have a miserable sex life because I have no words of wisdom to give you. When it comes to knowing what is really possible… I want you to be just like the rest of ‘normal society’.”

The bundle of joy closes its eyes and screams, “Oh God, what did I get myself into?” Alas, it’s too late.

Right after Valentines and christmas are the two most popular times when divorce lawyer retention goes up and break-up with no make-up hits peak season.

Attorneys explain “Relationship failures” are chalked up to boundaries and communication fails. (I think there is at least one post in here on the subject matter.)


But instead of learning what makes a woman tick on the inside…females are usually persuaded to find a different mate. (I can smile when I tell you a thousand times when THAT didn’t work.)

Here’s a better solution than emulating that trick… try training what you have.

Two scary questions I have for that group of 16-21 year olds I referenced in the beginning: #1) what tools are you using to experience sexual release? #2) are you laying there as a dead fish expecting a silicone or plastic battery operated device to create a magic explosion some skillful marketing company initmated might happen if you bought their brand name product and used it within the limits of the warranty?

If the answer to question #1 is either: my fingers or glass… Congratualtions!!! You get a gold star. Now… let’s find out what movements aren’t in your quiver.

If the answer to question #2 is Yes to ANY OF IT – oh dear, we have our work cut out for us. I am not surprised you are unhappy with the resulsts. Today is your lucky day – there is a three part post that can get you on-track to smiles. Enjoy the link.


Letter #2 Sex For Starters

Letter #2 Part 1

I briefly touched on teenage sex in my last letter to you.
I would like to expand on that here.

But first, a little bit of terminology… a boundary is also called: red line, hard limit, edge.

A boundary is like a road. There is the driving lane (open), the shoulder (ok to use), the curb (red line or edge), the grass beside the curb opposite the road (hard limit). Hard limits are when people have crossed the red line and have entered the “no go” zone.

Do not allow anyone to cross a boundary you verbally give them prior to engaging in any type of sexual activity.

You do not engage in sexual activity until you have expressed your boundaries FIRST!!!

For instance… “Don’t hit me!”
If they get close to a hard limit… give them a kind verbal warning.
“Not even a play spanking. It does not turn me on.”

If they continue to encroach on an explicitly stated boundary… (a second time), immediately stop what you are doing and lose their number. (THIS IS ACTUALLY EASIER THAN YOU THINK.)

Anyone who crosses a red line is not someone you want in your life.

If someone gets to a hard limit… they are way over the line. This is unacceptable.

Everybody has different boundaries. Be sure they understand yours and you understand theirs before a misunderstanding occurs.

Oftentimes, people do things to their partner that they want done to them.

Over the years, I noticed that people with poor communication skills use physical touch to convey what they are thinking and secretly wish to say but can’t find their voice.

Do people still ask if they can kiss you before they try? Or do they just lean in and expect you to reciprocate?

Going back to my “don’t hit me” example… If your partner slaps your ass… and you already told him you don’t like it… this is their way of asking you to give them a good smack that leaves a red hand print.

In this situation… plant a paw on the side of the butt cheek with enough force to hear that smack half a mile away.

When the sting on their skin connects with their brain… make eye contact and politely say, “I have no problem giving you love taps… where would you like me to place the next one?”

Wait for an answer.

Then follow that up with, “I’m glad this turns you on but hit me again and I will: have you thrown in jail/ break your nose/ never talk to you again…” or whatever you feel is appropriate to get the point across… but do Not make an empty threat!

Boundaries require you to act upon corrective action immediately!

… And the point of a boundary is that you want to please your partner and you want them to please you.

You will have different “wants” because that is just how it is.

Using the ass smack example above, I have found that when the partner realizes they are going to get what they want (a red ass), they will respect your wishes.

This also opens a new line of communication… and makes future requests easier.

I will talk more about communication in a later letter. I just wanted to cover the concept of boundaries here, now.

Continued… Letter #2 Part 2