Meeting Playboy’s Hef

About Meeting Hef…
I know the information I’m presenting to you is a bit off most people’s radars. That’s ok with me.
As I was searching to find an outlet to syndicate these letters as a column so that your potential future partner might have some of the knowledge you have, I came across an interview with one of the many Playboy editors.

Citing the two most popular questions as: 1) have you been to the mansion and 2) did you meet Hef?
I can say when I answer both of those questions the answer is yes.

It’s a bit awkward for me to tell you this next part, seeing as how I rarely turn down an opportunity to have memorable sex, but when I was invited to the mansion, Hef walked over and introduced himself.

I am sure if there was a memorable part of this exchange for him, it was that I told him if we had sex it would probably kill him. I won’t disagree that the best way to die is probably having the best orgasm of your life.

However, at least in my mind, if I killed my dad’s top-pedestal idol from heart attack via orgasm, I would probably not still be alive to write you these letters.

Hef’s greatest heart desire was to have sex with the best lay on the planet. He knew who I was and what I am capable of. After our verbal exchange, I think he wished he was 30 years younger. At the time, I wished his immediate wish was one I could grant. He knew sex as mental, physical, emotional and spiritual… he had that beacon of light over top of him that only the illuminated ones can see.

Even though there were probably 200 other women in the area, all more than willing to do anything to gain his favor… after our exchange, he just walked off, alone.

My experiences creating the goodies in these letters may take you to places that none of your friends will ever go. These keys will allow access to the highest echelons. How you handle that journey is up to you. I just want you to have the information at your disposal.

When you arrive at a destination equivalent to the Playboy Mansion, be yourself. After you’ve looked at the art, go back towards the entrance, pass the tennis courts, wind your way through the Rose garden, stop and sniff the roses, marvel at the statues, go play pinball… the guest house is full of machines. Take the road less travelled.

If you want to meet a rock star… don’t be starry eyed. Be a Person who you would want to spend time with. Billionaires, movie stars, rock stars, actors, CEOs of Fortune 100 companies all put their pants on one leg at a time. If you want to be treated like an equal in these situations, you can’t act like a minion.

This same advice also works for that person you like and have your first crush on.

In a healthy relationship, you will attract what you are. You will both bring balance to the table. Neither would be more dominant than the other. Ideally, you will both have strengths to compliment each other’s weaknesses. Your talents different but complimentary.

You will both have dreams and goals that hopefully mesh. If those don’t… the relationship will last as long as it lasts and then it will be time to move on.

There are deal killers. You will have them and so will your partners. Decide if the deal killers are worth it to keep or if your deal killer can be put on hold or thrown out.

When you were too young to remember me, I gave you a series of blessings. One of them was, “Anticipate the needs of others and deliver them before the need is expressed. You will do this and only pick people who do this for you.”

It is easy to do this at the beginning of most relationships. It remains easy to do if you always check yourself at the door before walking in and imagine the person you are in the relationship with, is just another version of you. Think of it as always being in a relationship with yourself.

Regardless of what their name is or their outward appearance… That person is you.

When you have sex with someone… imagine you are having an out of body experience and your partner is you. It’s amazing what a difference that change in perception makes. Treat you well.

I recognize that this will make your pool of available candidates much smaller than the gross of available candidates but by the time you were born, I knew if your “initial filter” requirement ensured your partners would pay attention to you and address your needs… your starting block would be a few miles ahead of everyone else’s.

Might I suggest when you are dreaming up your future prince charming… start with beautiful on the inside then beautiful on the outside as the two primary, over-arching features.

Love you,
C. Change

Thanks for these life improving thoughts. I will share this with my friends. Here’s a gift for you, too.

thank you for the knowledge gift




Letter #3 Part 3

Finding out what makes you tick…

How do I reach the g-spot?
Aha! Found it and then… Where did it go?

A vagina is not that different than a stomach. (Even WebMD uses this vagina/stomach analogy, albeit, not in this way.)

When you get hungry… Your stomach gets a bit cranky. Acid builds up inside and sometimes the tummy makes noise.

When empty, your stomach is small.
Fill it with more than a fist sized serving of food and the belly stretches.

When you get horny… The vaginal walls tingle. Fluid is secreted (you get wet) and any air inside you will queef out.

When empty, the vagina is tight.
Fill it with something and it will stretch.

The more turned on you get… The wetter you should get.

Wet is NOT an orgasm.

Wet is not specific to gender… both males and females have pre-cum (aka: wet).

If you are not dripping (literally) and he is not dripping (literally) before you start to have sex… in the immortal word of a NASA astronaut… “Houston… We have a problem.”

Not being wet enough is your body’s way of telling you that it is not ready yet.

Human spit is nasty. The bottom of your foot has less “funk” than human saliva.

Don’t ever use someone else’s spit as lube inside you.

If you think you need lube to have sex… read the next letter.

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Letter #3 Part 4



Letter #2 Part 3

Letter #2 Part 3

What I did in high school was “child’s play” compared to the things I did when I was in college.
At the college I attended, there were more than 40,000 kids my own age and no curfews.

I was not about to let an opportunity pass me by and upped my new sexual goal from one new experience every two weeks to 8 “dates” a week.

Adopting the concept that a college degree requires some time management, figuring out how to expand my horizons to achieve the ultimate orgasm would also require some type of work/life balance time commitment.

We didn’t “chill and Netflix.”
These were “activities.”

College allowed me to be educated in a book sense, a worldly sense and a physical sense.

While college was an awesome party and a degree that opened doors… It was still just a rung on the ladder to the bizarre sexual experiences I would have as an adult.

Before I jump too far ahead… Let’s start back at high school.

I when I was growing up everyone seem to preach abstinence. They did not give me a lot of options other than just don’t have sex until you get married.

Obviously that did not work very well for me or anyone on the TV show Teen Mom.

What I already knew, that the abstinence preachers did not seem to understand, was I had already realized sex was going to be a very big part of my life.

I knew people had varying skill sets. (It may be “food”… But… The person flipping burgers at a fast food hut is not an Iron Chef!)

I did not want to be in a relationship with someone who is bad at sex. … and most of all, I did not want to get married to someone I thought was wonderful and on my wedding night find out they were terrible in bed.

Whether you know it or not… The generation that produced my age group generally got married to have sex.

If you think the sex education I received prior to undertaking my own agenda was limited… What I was told was far better than what your grandparents were sold…

Back then, birth control was an abortion, women were still fighting for their rights and skin color meant segregation.

Now that I know what I know, I really feel badly for my parent’s generation. Why didn’t their parents just come clean and say, “Sex will most likely be a miserable experience the first time!”

If you are both virgins… Then neither of you has a clue what you are doing.

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