Letter #2 Part 7

Letter #2 Part 7

There are male and female condoms.

I’m not sure if anyone has explained this yet… but, those little swimmers… male sperm… they can stay alive and swim around inside you for up to three days after sex.

The sperm dying inside you can make your pussy stink. (Not really “can”… it DOES!)

Congratulations! Someone left their genetic material inside you… it’s checking out your cracks and crevices and dying in there.

Your body has to figure out… do I absorb this or do I get rid of it?

Yep… it’s disgusting.

Usually, the pH of the guy’s ejaculate is different than what normally lives inside your love box.

If he spooged up your butt and there is even the slightest tear… The swimmers are programmed to explore the “unknown” and tear into soft tissue.

How do you think sperm fertilize an egg… Chews a hole in the egg wall to climb inside.

Yep… Super disgusting when you really think about it.

When his stuff doesn’t mesh with your junk… you will wish you didn’t know the miserable possibilities.

The dead swimmers can contribute to a host of problems… one of them being an abnormal pap smear.

Wanna guess how I know this… personal experience.

When I quit allowing cum on me or in me… almost all my problems that required a doctor visit… pretty much went away.

Why oh why didn’t someone tell me this in the beginning.

I was told “use a condom so you don’t get pregnant.”

Let’s be more honest… today one can go get a morning after pill so the pregnancy thing should be moot.

You use a condom so you don’t get your love box stinky and sick!

Get used to the concept of using a female condom. They are super cool.

I’m just brushing the surface here… for now… use condoms until both you and your partner have learned to control both of your orgasms.

For the male… he needs to spit all his junk on a towel or his t-shirt. I don’t care if he says, “It feels better to cum inside you.”

This is a statement you will hear.

Roll your eyes and tell them to screw off… and across something else that is not ON you or IN you.

Preferably in a place you do not have to clean up. Feel free to tell him to lick his drippings off your shoe if he can’t aim at something he can take with him.

When you learn how to control your orgasms… because you followed the instructions I will give you in these letters, you should be able to fluid orgasm from the vaginal walls enough to flush out anything that has gotten inside of you.

It is the best way to get clean on the inside. Besides, a good female orgasm releases a lot more fluid than the average douche container can hold.

We are almost there… Letter #2 Part 8