Letter #3 Part 2

How many g-spots do I have?

The real answer is “I have no idea how many g-spots you have but I have 4 distinct pleasure centers inside me.”

I’ve been inside a lot of women and on top, below, beside, behind or in front of a lot of men.

The one guarantee is that no two are exactly alike.

Yes, it is a penis or vagina but they are shaped slightly differently.

The individual has unique quirks that set them off. What works with one may not have any affect on another.

As you look at men you will discover that some penises are straight, some curve, some bend left or right, up or down, etc.
Have you ever wondered why?

Male babies are born with unbent, un-curved penises… so how did they develop these directional augmentations?

Ask the male to masturbate for you. You will have your answer.

Playing with yourself has a pattern.

The muscles of the sexual organs will conform to the repeated patterns they are encouraged to follow.

If he yanks it to the left… it’s gonna bend to the left.

If he spends his life tucking it in his pants a certain way, the penis will conform to that curve.

I am often appalled at the medical community’s ability to financially capitalize on a behavior that is completely normal and call it a condition that needs repair. I also get a bit mortified when the medical community attempts to hide or obfuscate vital information that would help an individual, but not be financially profitable.

Even the drug company website to help men with Peyronie’s disease says to take their drug while doing exercises to straighten a penis curved more than 30 degrees.

If a bent dick guy wants a straight dick… learn to tug from the opposite direction.

In my opinion, they don’t need a drug to make a dick weak so it can be tweaked. If someone has erectile dysfunction… their penis muscles are already weak.

Think of it this way… male ED is the same as a loose pussy.

It ain’t no fun… but there are exercises to whip that floppy flaccid mess into shape so you/they/he/she/it can enjoy what has been missing.

Incidentally, a bent penis can be very beneficial in certain positions… but that is another letter.

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