Not Ready for a Kid… Here’s What Our Ancestors Did

Not ready for a kid? Here’s what our ancestors did…
EPT test says everything’s a go
But you are sweating, Oh No! Whoa!
Who hasn’t heard this scenario…

Help, I think I got my girlfriend pregnant.
Ok 14-24m/f, don’t explode or melt down just yet. You have all the tools you need to solve the problem without hitting the panic button.

Our ancestors used an “easy button” method that I will explain herein. It takes about ten completely painless seconds if you know your body (or your partner’s body) the way you should.

Whether you are male or female, I’d like you to refer to the posted letter Dr.B and My Ovary.

Gee, unless you plan to repeat the pregnancy scare episode again in this lifetime, consider the option to blow a load in something you can wash down the drain or take with you in the future. I think that concept just made the “more important” list? (There’s a letter about this, too!)

She didn’t want to take a morning after pill?
Not interested in the stigma or expense of an abortion?

Is this some type of weaponized sex? (Another letter to read) An attempt to lock you down for life?
I know… we need to deal with the issue at hand… or in the vagina so to speak.

Besides the obvious panic syndrome, doctor visit, morality lectures, Bible thumping and un-planned parenthood options, did you know that your index finger can remove the newly forming growth on a uterine wall?

It can.

Years after I had been taught to internally check myself; I ran, angrily crashing, into Dr.B’s office for an unexpected visit. My then Hamptons boyfriend has roofed me and knocked me up when I was passed out after I told him I didn’t want to get married. Have a baby by me baby and you’ll be a millionaire may be great song lyrics but this wasn’t how I wanted to bring a child into the world.

After calming me down, Dr.B explained that I already had the skills to “remove my problems.”

In addition to Dr.B teaching me how to reach my own ovary from the inside, he also gave me a quick lesson in how to lightly swipe off something I didn’t want to carry around on the inside. This won’t work with warts but it will solve an unwanted pregnancy situation.

Lightly is the key. No digging required. It takes a gentle well-placed brush of a finger to remove a pin- head sized fetus. In fact, it takes more pressure to slide on a contact lens than to remove an early stage mouth to feed.

This method only works in the first month or so. After that time period has elapsed, the embryo has gotten a pretty good attachment to the wall.

If you’ve waited past the first trimester to decide you are not ready to bring new life into the world, I’d suggest making other arrangements than attempting a d&c with a coat hangar. (If this is a foreign concept, Google this as it was the malicious behavior that ushered in our current abortion allowance laws.)

The whole point of doing the finger trick in ten seconds or less is about not getting aroused.

You want the shortest path between the outside environment and the object for removal. Male and female sex organs originated from the same basic material. It is logical to understand that human body parts have some flexibility and stretching ability.

When women are not aroused, the vaginal canal contracts to around 3” in length (just like a male penis). When the canal is short, a finger that knows where it is going can reach past a cervix in no-time flat.

If the finger knows what feels normal and what doesn’t… the job of removing a nodule roughly the size of a grain of sand just got super easy.

But what if you don’t know what I just said you should know… no time like the present to learn.

Is ignorance really blissful at this moment?

Sadly, horny is not helpful in this situation other than to learn your girl’s moves and grooves. Once you know the “lay of the land” wait until nobody is aroused to attempt the ten second finger removal trick.

You do know how to finger you or your girlfriend to get her off… right?
If not, it only takes one or two fingers to do this well.

After stimulating the clitoris, when she gets noticeably wet, you may begin to insert a finger. To do this deftly, take a page from nature… watch an inchworm inspect it’s surroundings. Pretend your finger is an inchworm.

It goes in a little bit and wiggles around to check out its surroundings… your finger mimics the inchworm behavior by rolling your finger in a clockwise and/or counterclockwise motion to get a feel for the cave you are entering.

Go a little deeper… only to acceptance. You will know if what is being penetrated likes it, as her back will arch a little more, legs will spread a little wider, the wet will get a little wetter, breathing and heart rate change, and so on.

If you are asked to put two fingers inside… same entry procedure with optional scissors, finger can-can dancing, creative finger exercises alternating fingers and add a twist every so often for some surprise fun.

You only have to get to knuckle deep to get to an ovary… and that is too far for what you are looking for.

There is a definite difference in feel between the vaginal walls, the cervix and the uterine walls. Each area has its own distinct brand of wallpaper.

Granted, most guys have no idea what they are doing. They try to shove as many fingers as possible into the orifice in an attempt to make her feel “filled” which isn’t the way to solve this problem.

No finger snapping inside the vaginal canal nor punishing rapid penetration is going to be your friend in this situation.

Pretend her box is your cell phone and tap fifty one-finger Twitter posts on the proposed path to success. You gotta get her love canal to river up and relax or you will not pass the cervix gate.

You are gently feeling for that one teensy spot past the cervix that does not feel like the others. You are feeling for a tiny bump on the uterine wall… about the size of a small pimple.

Quick, fast moves will cause her to upwardly contract the space around the object you are trying to reach and make that future heartbeat just about impossible to find.

No fingernails either.

Scratching her on the inside is not going to achieve what you want. It will provide the opposite reaction from your desired results.

Soft and slow will produce the relaxed nature both of you need to finish playing your exploration game that brings the buried treasure to light.

If she is pregnant and you got the spot, a tiny bit of blood (one drop) will be on your fingertip when you have finished the excavation. Within an hour or so, she should start her menstrual cycle.

If the finger trick doesn’t work… you aren’t doing it right or she isn’t pregnant.

If she is sure she is pregnant and the ept test confirms her position but your finger tactics didn’t work… you can try sex toys. However, I caution against this method.

Why? If you are inept at using your fingers… you will most likely just do damage with a toy that you have even less control over than your fingers.

Your next alternative is to use the same tool that knocked her up to remove the fetus, provided your length is 5.5” or longer.

Why? Masters and Johnson determined the vaginal canal extends to just under 5” during arousal.

You need to penetrate the uterus, past the vaginal canal, where the fetus is forming. When using a finger, the initial arousal is minimal. When using your member… hopefully you are both more aroused than by initial finger stimulation alone.

This recoupling of the dripping parts will probably require her to be on top and curved forward such that she can bite your erect nipples. You will both have to time your strokes for maximum penetration to pass the cervix to locate the item you want to dislodge.

May I boldly suggest not ejaculating inside again as there have been rare instances where a second egg was released and fertilized in this manner. Your sperm can live for up to three days in there and at the right time of the hormone cycle, a fallopian tube can release an egg in less than three days. An egg can also fertilize and get stuck in a fallopian tube.

Hopefully the creative juices for manually stimulating your partner get more use than for just the purpose of removal. I speak more to finger techniques in the foreplay letters.

So smile, stop panicking, let the politicians keep arguing Roe v Wade, while your fingers do some typing and swiping to make everyone involved sweat for fun for a little while.

I’m sure there is a good reason why this information is no longer common knowledge… while I don’t know the specific reasoning for hiding this information… I’m betting it has something to do with misery and money.

If one calculates all the people they know who were trapped into relationships (misery);
That if the trapped had freely known and used the common knowledge of our ancestors I listed here for you (money);
And that knowledge enabled those trapped individuals to choose different partners to mate with… how different would the world be today? (Freedom and happiness).

Try this poll… ask your parents and grandparents or random people over 40 the following question…

You were going to have children but knowing what you know now, do you wish you would have chosen a different partner to have those children with?

The answers you get might be surprising.

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Letter #3 Part 5

All sex organs are muscles.

Your brain (all 3 of them), your heart, your mouth, your vagina, etc… These are muscles. Use them.

If you never teach the muscle to be used… How can it perform?

A guy who hasn’t had sex in five years is probably going to have some trouble getting it up.

When muscles are not used, they atrophy. Viagara anyone?

Babies, at birth, can’t walk or hold their heads up.

The muscles are there but they have never been used.

Watch babies learn to walk.

It is a time consuming process that does not happen at the speed of the refresh rate on your cell phone.

Teenagers can’t orgasm until puberty.

Even then, one needs to develop the muscles to have the skills to provide benefits.

Think of it this way… You can ski the bunny slopes or you can be an X-Games gold medalist.

Sex is the same.

How well do you want to perform?

How much time are you willing to devote to your performance ability?

Let’s talk about how to create your first g-spot so you will have some tools to play with.

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Letter #3 Part 6
Experts say that not all women have a g-spot.




Letter #2 Part 7

Letter #2 Part 7

There are male and female condoms.

I’m not sure if anyone has explained this yet… but, those little swimmers… male sperm… they can stay alive and swim around inside you for up to three days after sex.

The sperm dying inside you can make your pussy stink. (Not really “can”… it DOES!)

Congratulations! Someone left their genetic material inside you… it’s checking out your cracks and crevices and dying in there.

Your body has to figure out… do I absorb this or do I get rid of it?

Yep… it’s disgusting.

Usually, the pH of the guy’s ejaculate is different than what normally lives inside your love box.

If he spooged up your butt and there is even the slightest tear… The swimmers are programmed to explore the “unknown” and tear into soft tissue.

How do you think sperm fertilize an egg… Chews a hole in the egg wall to climb inside.

Yep… Super disgusting when you really think about it.

When his stuff doesn’t mesh with your junk… you will wish you didn’t know the miserable possibilities.

The dead swimmers can contribute to a host of problems… one of them being an abnormal pap smear.

Wanna guess how I know this… personal experience.

When I quit allowing cum on me or in me… almost all my problems that required a doctor visit… pretty much went away.

Why oh why didn’t someone tell me this in the beginning.

I was told “use a condom so you don’t get pregnant.”

Let’s be more honest… today one can go get a morning after pill so the pregnancy thing should be moot.

You use a condom so you don’t get your love box stinky and sick!

Get used to the concept of using a female condom. They are super cool.

I’m just brushing the surface here… for now… use condoms until both you and your partner have learned to control both of your orgasms.

For the male… he needs to spit all his junk on a towel or his t-shirt. I don’t care if he says, “It feels better to cum inside you.”

This is a statement you will hear.

Roll your eyes and tell them to screw off… and across something else that is not ON you or IN you.

Preferably in a place you do not have to clean up. Feel free to tell him to lick his drippings off your shoe if he can’t aim at something he can take with him.

When you learn how to control your orgasms… because you followed the instructions I will give you in these letters, you should be able to fluid orgasm from the vaginal walls enough to flush out anything that has gotten inside of you.

It is the best way to get clean on the inside. Besides, a good female orgasm releases a lot more fluid than the average douche container can hold.

We are almost there… Letter #2 Part 8

Quantity vs. Quality

As a teenager, the world is full of new surprises. In your twenties, you think you know everything… well, not everything – but you are the Master of Your Universe… until you learn something new.

Think of life as a pie. 10% you know you know (how to work your iphone). 10% you know you don’t know (quantum physics equations). The other 80%… that is the learning curve.

The pie is not a static size. As you learn and grow – that pie gets bigger and bigger.

For instance, the first Apple computer had 12k of memory. If that was all there was to the “computer” pie… your iPhone would weigh 20 pounds, be plugged into a wall, require dial-up to connect and operate using 12k of memory with a green screen.

My point is – no matter what you learn about sex as a teenager – or in your twenties or in your thirties – or god forbid in your 50s… cause while people my age may seem older than dirt to you – the only real difference between me at 14 and me now is: bigger tits, lots more experience, wrinkles, my own roof and rules… Great sex is one of those practice areas where I still participate in continuing education all the time. I learn new things that make the original building blocks more useful.

As such, I am going to throw a whole bunch of things at you that are not on your radar or a whole lot of other people’s radar.

This is not to say that I think all of these things should be something you should endeavor to excel at next week. Quite the contrary!

When I say things like… know about this… but keep it for later… I am speaking from experience. Experience that I wish someone would have told me about so that I would not have had to fumble through figuring it out for myself.

Before you learned to ride a tricycle you probably saw a bicycle and knew what a car was. You were not ignorant of a bicycle or car as something other people knew how to operate. Before you learned to ride that first tricycle… you kinda had a sneaking suspicion riding a bicycle without training wheels and driving a car were things you would learn how to operate later in life. As a tricycle trainee, you knew you didn’t have the skills to peddle two wheels or parallel park until after you learned to master the three wheeled mechanism designed to accommodate your small frame.

Sex is a lot like that. As a teenager… you are at the Little Tikes Big Wheel stage. You may know what a Ferrari is… but you can’t drive one well, yet. Putting any teenager in a Ferrari is tantamount to handing them the keys to an expensive, fantastical, spectacular crash that will probably land them in a hospital.

When the best “teen sex advice” is… talk to your partner, use a condom because we know you are going to experiment and here is the number to call when you think you are pregnant or you have a disease… without telling them the things in these letters first… it is tantamount to knowingly handing a teenager the keys to a Ferrari with the 100% expectation that they will crash and burn.

Not only is that just plain mean… you don’t get to go back to the dealership and get another brand – spanking new Ferrari. This is your body. The only one you get. If you crash it on your first test drive, you are stuck with mangled and bent metal, scratches and dents, needing a new paint job… for the rest of your life.

Wouldn’t it be a lot nicer to drive around in a mint condition cherry Ferrari than be sitting on a twisted hunk of metal that is dragged down the street by a rope attached to a donkey?

You are going to travel through life… let me tell you how do it in style…

I will put things on your radar that are for “way far in the future”… because… well… if you have an idea about what is around the next bend… you might keep going down the road at a safe pace and speed that you can handle with confidence.

I would hate for you to stop short of great things just because you were kept in the dark and did not know what is possible… when you are ready for them.

People that think drunk sex or ten whole minutes of sex is the way to go… really fell short of the starting gate in my opinion.

All too often I trusted people I shouldn’t have because I did not know they were selling snake oil. They just had a smoother presentation which I was gullible enough to believe.

The first time someone tried to tie me up… I ran.
The second time… I was not a happy camper.
Looking at me now… you would think I took to it like a duck to water – but that would be a huge erroneous assumption. It took years for me to be in a safe relationship where I was willing to release my control freak attitude and even feign or entertain the thought of relaxing in power with a rope as my tether.

So, I am hoping you enjoy the letters.

I was having a conversation with my mom the other day. Two items hit home from that conversation that I want to make sure I clarify properly. Right here and right now.

It became apparent she is worried you might take the kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince routine… like I did. First of all… this does not work.

Until your knowledge base concerning your boundaries, what does and does not turn you on and your ability to comfortably articulate those things is strongly established… kissing frogs will only result in Proverbial Warts.

While I did make stupid mistakes like having lots of partners, it stemmed from a statistical concept of “sooner or later I will hit the jackpot” instead of realizing the “jackpot” was inside me and not in someone else. But I didn’t know that then.

When I did find a suitable partner… I ran that for all it was worth until that growth experience was complete.

It also dawned on me that nobody really likes the image of their parents having sex in real life or in their imagination.

I like visual presentation (like a guy – beautiful things turn me on). While my parents consider their sex life a beautiful thing, my vision of them bumping uglies is a stomach turning event fraught with vomiting consequences.

I have a very hard time staying sexually focused when I see or imagine something that requires me to go stare directly into the sun in order to burn the image from my eyes and brain stem.

Listening to a parent explain sex can be daunting at best and uncomfortable in a heartbeat. But here is where it gets a little weird…

Most people grow up to be like their parents.

If your grandaddy was a baker and your daddy was a baker there is a good chance you will be a baker, too. If you follow the family tradition, your kid will want to be a baker, also.

It doesn’t matter if your dad’s name is John Baker, Vito Corleone, Julius Caesar or Billy Graham; children tend to follow in their parents footsteps.

Do you really think that your personal predilections (specifically, your take on sex) is going to be that different from your parents’?

The great fear in everyone’s mind is that you will choose my black sheep path instead of their easier path. The letters are designed to give you the best of both worlds without going down the bumpy road I took.

In The World you grew up in – I hope you stay true to your normal roots.

If you don’t want to know more – you can wear blinders. It does not hurt to wear blinders. It hurts when you realize you missed out.

Your parents and I could not be on more opposing sides of the see-saw when it comes to sexual behavior. If you want to know nothing more than, “Don’t have sex until you are married and you two virgins will figure it out and live happily ever after.” Then I am fine with that and I think they are, too.

I don’t really care if you have sex every day for the rest of your life or if you only do it one time to make a baby or never have sex. Quantity is not my concern. Quality is a Huuuuge big-O deal! (Incidentally, your parents and I agree on this point.)

I know lots of people who have quantity notches in their bedposts. They do not have quality notches. Doing something often, poorly is sort of a waste of time in my book.

I don’t think anybody walks around proud of a bad haircut – why walk around touting your ability to have lots of mediocre sex? …but movies and tv do it… over and over again. Subliminally glorifying less than 3 minute magic where he was actually wondering if it was “in” and she didn’t break a sweat or a smile.

You most certainly do not have to do any of the things I will talk about – that I have done. But I would be remiss if I did not tell you what I learned about operating the female body.

Great female orgasms can leave a puddle of fluid on the floor. This puddle comes from the vaginal walls. Your orgasm won’t be that good in the beginning… trust me on this… your first one hundred orgasms are like those days learning to ride the big wheel. Best thing you’ve ever done so far but the more you know the better it gets.

I know what my life was like before I knew this and I know what my life has been like since gaining this knowledge.

God, I WISH somebody would have told me about gushing fluid orgasms! I had no idea these are what I should have been expecting. I would have done so many things differently.

To this day, every man or woman I have had sex with, I have had to teach how to operate my box.

Nobody, nobody, nobody knew how to make me squirt without me first communicating how and where to poke, prod, push, pull, etc. First!

People taught me their tricks. But if I had known at 12 years old that the great sexual experience starts with me knowing how to operate me… not someone else teaching me about me… the quality of the sexually charged experiences I did have, would have been GREATLY elevated.

I should have paid more attention to that AC/DC song with the lyrics “the walls start shakin’… the earth was quakin’… you shook me all night long”… because while I thought they were singing about his orgasm… in reality, they were covertly telling the world a female orgasm ROCKS!!!! …the BIG clue… men don’t have “walls”… women do.

If you are sent away to a convent in order to avoid these letters (which you probably will be if you dare to whisper the word “masturbation” in front of iPhone Grandma) and never have sex with another human being – I did my best to send properly detailed instructions for you to operate your body in a manner consistent with spiritual gnosis that makes your life here on Earth a better place to be.

I will talk a lot about partner sex because being truly in love with someone in a monogamous relationship is heaven on earth… but you should know… I am the best I ever had. To be good/great/mind-blowing with someone else… you have to be your own best friend first.
Love you,
C. Change


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A Little Truth Goes A Long Way

Teen Parenting PSA
Let’s face it folks… that talk you need to have with your kids about drugs and sex… is not going to go well if you don’t have the proper attitude or answers.

Most parents today remember the famous commercials showing a fried egg as your brain on drugs, a man running around a chair as a human-hamster on coke or a supermodel who takes out her false teeth and removes her make-up to reveal the dangers of meth.

Did these things stop us from doing drugs?
Did listening to boring statistics stop us from saying “No?”
Were alcoholic beverages or drugs involved the first time you had sex? Were drugs or alcohol the catalyst to get you or your partner into the sack?

We’ve been selling sex to underage kids since long before Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered.
Teen Vogue has more subscribers than the New York Times digital and print editions combined! (Numbers based on 2018 Google search data.)

It’s Time to change the conversation. The world is a different place than when we were growing up… and WE are the reason why our kids are facing different challenges than we did.

Up to 90% THC vape is available today but in the 80s or 90s, weed was around 4% THC. Back then, porn was a movie or vhs tape. Today, porn is made on a cell phone and uploaded in real time. 12 year olds are going through puberty and they look old enough for consent in some states!

If you are contemplating that “Don’t do it” talk your parents gave you (that didn’t work) or think you might not have all the answers to the questions you might be asked… consider flipping through the pages of Letters to Jamison. This is the information I gave to my own family to help their kids safely navigate the new landscape I helped to create.

Read it, put it in front of your kid and open the conversation based on a third party take on sex, drugs and ways to get out of a Bad situation when they realize they’ve made a mistake. You may not agree with everything… but the real solutions and scenarios, give you a way “in” to have an open and honest discussion with a curious or closed “out” teen. Remember when you were secretly looking for real knowledge in the least painful or embarrassing way?

When parents didn’t have the convincing answer to keep us out of trouble, most of us learned by trial and error….and error… And error…

Letters to Jamison chapters are filled with brutally honest nuggets of usefulness… they are not the politically correct canned answers from health professionals. Letters to Jamison are the truths the author wishes she knew “way back when.”

It’s good to know what to do when you get an STD when you are not old enough to have a Drivers License, (besides be angry, embarrassed and BUSTED), but wouldn’t that smart sex talk have been exponentially better if someone explained soap and water could keep you from getting skin contact diseases if you bathed immediately AFTER you had sex? (Instead of falling asleep or having a cigarette… bathe first, then cuddle when clean!)

Your quick little “avoidance” talk has to out-compete the sexually glorified behavior exhibited in TV shows like Shameless, Special Victims Unit, Game of Thrones and Teen Mom.

Your knowledge has to be more convincing than the porn industry, Hollywood, the music industry, the internet and 50 shades of fake hype combined.

Your level of confidence, greater than the “friend” or peer pressure.

If you really want to convince your teen not to do something… use the time-tested, proven solution of educating them about what they are missing out on when they make uneducated choices. Give them alternatives. Give them solutions. Give them the insider’s perspective from someone who has been in all those places you may not have wanted to go.

Sure you can wait until they are in a “serious” relationship… If your kid is like my siblings were… But I was the black sheep. At 14, drinking, doing drugs, having sex… And kids like me, have parents who swear their kid would never do these things at this age.

My college education was paid for, in part, by the sex industry… I had it. I used it. I also knew it wouldn’t last forever but my education would.

Now, I look back and see how our kids are making even worse mistakes because our “Gordon Gekko generation” showed how to get out of some of the consequences but failed miserably at how to avoid the mistakes in the first place.

If you don’t have this conversation, your kids will search out answers… just like you did, or maybe they will find much deeper and darker rabbit holes…

Follow the answers I gave my own family in Letters to Jamison here and via:

…Because knowledge is more powerful than ignorance or peer pressure!
Good luck.
C. Change