Adding Color

Letter # 13 part 5 Adding Color

Now you have the ability to hear the music and interpret those sounds as physical movements. Consequently, if you can squeeze and release to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, You should also have the ability to squeeze your internal vaginal muscles to the rhythm of any song.

Let’s combine the two of those things together with a glass toy and a spot of organic coconut oil.

If you don’t have the Dance of the sugar plum fairy memorized by now… Here is the link again.

Sexual Choreography:
Listen to the first 30 seconds of the music then see if you can fit the following words to match what the music says to me. Once you get a “handle” on how I physically view/hear/feel the notes and how they correspond to physical movement, try actually doing the choreography.

This is a good second step as there are more levels above this intermediate one which I will discuss with you once you have this well-in-hand.

Let’s go back to the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy with some new lyrics.
Start by singing these phrases to the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy tune ala Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music… because these are a few of my favorite things.

First four bars:
From knee up to inner thigh, place cold glass tip to soft warm clit, circle softly,

Bars five to… (“twisting” starts at the melody)
Twisting smoothly first go to the right, switch to the left, towards the front and now go to the back, spiiin it out,

Bar nine to…
Gently slide in twisting to the left, then the right, now go back to front, swing full circle, use to muscles push it out,

Bar thirteen…
Twisting smoothly first go to the right, switch to the left, towards the front and now go to the back, spiiin it out,
Slide all the way in, slide all the way out, twisting go back, insiiiiide

Ok you should be at the 30 second mark at this point. There’s about 2:10 left to go… add the toy now that you have some words of instruction and see what happens.

I’ll let you have some fun with this… your own personal creativity should be stimulated by now.

LoVe you,

C. Change


The Nutcracker Ball

Letter #13 Part 4 The Nutcracker Ball

Do you have the fingertip trick down pat? Good.
Can you squeeze your internal muscles to the music?

Just start by tightening and releasing to the notes.

Once you get a “constricting handle” for physically interpreting (view/hear/feel) the notes and how they correspond to physical movement, try actually creating muscle pumping choreography. This is a good second step as there are more levels above this intermediate one which I will discuss with you once you have this well understood.

If you do have the sheet music handy… Open the link below and watch the music.

First four bars:
Tighten and release using each pluck of the string instruments to either tighten or release.

This next part gets a little harder in bar five as staying with the music is going to be a challenge initially.

Pulse tighten to each note.

When you hear the clarinet travel down the scale, relax. Start the process again with the next set of bars.

Ok you should be at the 30 second mark at this point. There’s about 2:10 left to go… but why should I tell you how to choreograph your sex… put a little thought into your movement.

Obviously performing to just this one tune from Tchaikovsky is going to be far more taxing than Bust a Move by Young MC but I believe it is worth it.

Love you,

C. Change

The Nutcracker

Letter #13 part 3 The Nutcraker

I don’t know how many times I performed in ballet scores of The Nutcracker from the mind of Tchaikovsky. After about the 1000th time hearing the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, one tends to hear this in their sleep.

As an adult, my significant other would give my best girlfriend and me tickets to go see the latest visiting troupe do the performance.

I often wondered why men found the ballet so boring. Were they not musically inclined? Did the notes not whisper sweet nothings in their mind? Were the long legs flinging in the air not a turn on? All those pretty sparkle costumes wrapped around svelte contortionist bodies unable to ignite some part of the sexual brain?

Ballet and Opera, in my world, were symphonies with visuals. Who can’t be moved hearing a harp?

What if those who prefer a good mud-wrestling match over a ballet just need a mental perspective nudge into novel culture to tie those brain connecting dendrites in new ganglia patterns? Maybe if they thought of music the same way I did, going to the ballet, would be a much more entertaining process.

I know I talked about classical music and sex in Rhythm and Sex, (Letter #13 part 1). If you are having any trouble independently moving body parts to the music, take a look at the prima ballerina of any ballet or winners of talent, pole and dancing shows. For fun, let me give you a peek into my sexually deranged mind. I have an inkling this may help you get “the gist” of the grind in a new and enjoyable way.

Follow the series of the letters, in which I will explain a logical methodology for breaking the whole into pieces you can master. (Initially by yourself, with a toy and then a partner… crawl, walk, then run.)

Start with your ears and fingers:
Listen to the first 30 seconds of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Link below to sheet music to visualize this while hearing it if you don’t have a copy handy.

Practice idea number one:
Let’s start by opening the palm of your left hand and tapping the notes you hear at the time you hear them on the left hand with the right hand.

Were you able to tap in the exact same spot the whole time or did you move the point of tap around on the palm?
If you had the exacting ability to hit the same spot over and over again, amazing!

Practice idea number two:
Let’s take this rhythm challenger to the fingertips. This time, I want you to replay the first 30 seconds of the music and each time you hear a note, gently touch the tip of your index finger on your right hand to the tips of alternating fingers on the left hand.

This practice allows you to hear notes and create a pattern of movement.

Try this again with the fingertips of both hands slightly apart and when you hear the music, touch each set of corresponding fingertips to the other starting with index for the first note, middle finger for the second note, ring finger for the third note, pinky finger for the fourth note and thumb for the fifth note. The sixth note can either be the pinky and the seventh being ring finger or the sixth can be index finger with the seventh being middle finger. It all depends on how dexterous you are.

The inclination will be to use the same finger during the quick repeated notes but I want you to switch finger tip touches for every single note. I don’t need you to assign a letter of the scale for each note to a specific finger because I know you can already do that from your musical instrument training.

Those that never learned to play an instrument should learn how to assign a key per finger and enjoy figuring out which two letters overlap the five finger availability.

What I am asking you to do is a training method you can practice in public that will pay off in spades for great sex later on.

Love you,

C. Change

Click Your Mouse part three

Letter #18
Upsizing a Glass Toy

Ok, so now you want a deeper penetration toy than the 3” one. Are you sure you are ready to move up in size?

Can you move the toy in an out of you… At least 1/2” in both directions? Without the use of your hands?

Are you able to insert the toy completely, lay on your back And do 10 sit ups without having the toy go flying out of you? (Before you try this… place a pillow between your knees and do not face a window.)

If they toy flies out… you are practicing to be a dart thrower… not an orgasm queen.

If you can’t control the toy without your hands or during ten friggin sit ups… you are not ready to move up to something larger.

When you are able to control the first trainer toy…. Move up in size… Lengthwise… one inch at a time.

Do not increase in width, yet. Stay with thin things.
Thin helps continue to train your insides to compress.

I always liked the shafts with bumpy nodes on the sides.

The twisting motion is accentuated by the bumps. These bumps also help more of your internal surface to get used to being manipulated.

This is a good thing when creating multiple g-spots.

The same exercises apply to all size toys.

It does not matter if the toy is a q-tip or a fist trainer… although, fisting is not a selling point unless you can bend a q-tip with your box and without your hands immediately afterwards.

Frankly, fisting is a very bad idea unless you have already had kids. There is just too much room for error that can do permanent damage even trying this.

When you have a solid ability to do 50 sit ups with a thin girth 6” toy inside you that does not come flying out… try walking across the room with the object inserted.

Try this in heels… do you know how to walk in heels yet?
If your knees bend, even slightly when you take a step, the heels are too high.

Ask iphone Grandma to teach you how to walk in heels. She taught me to be able to gracefully stand, dance, go up and down stairs and run in 6” stiletto heels. I’ve taught proper stance, step and gait to many females…it’s a niche for the transgender market and absolute requirement for purist BDSM.

Master the twist, sit ups, walking back and forth across the room barefoot AND doing it in heels with a 6” thin toy before sizing up.

You won’t be sizing to longer…you are sizing to a wider girth.

When you have mastered all the above with a 6”x1.5” width toy… you can move up to 7” long toys.
The selections get better but be very careful going bigger….

MOST HUMAN MALES ARE NOT BIGGER THAN 7”. They like to think they are… but they are not.

After playing with a 7” or larger toy, you should always do a downsize exercise as your workout cool down.

What do I mean… after using the 7” toy, then use the 6” toy until all your internal parts conform to it and then repeat this process with the 5”, 4” and 3” starter toys… then squeeze your pinky finger… and finally get down to the size of a q-tip.

In order to have really good gushing orgasms, you should be tighter at the end of sex/masturbating than you were at the beginning.

There are other exercises to teach you about gushing orgasms which I will get to later. You need to be able to master these things first.

There is a safety aspect to the gushing orgasm that is important for your benefit in addition to the sheer pleasure and joy they bring. I will write a specific letter about the safety aspects… Which could save your life.

Do me a huge favor… please bite your lip and don’t laugh out loud when you hear uneducated men talk about virgin pussy being tight and sexually experienced women being loose. Sure that is their experience. They are ignorant. They can’t buy a Thesaurus to fix that. It is your option to enlighten them or not… but nobody believes this until they experience it.

Let Joey-bag-of-donuts or captain-america-of-the-football-team live in la la Land and go smiling (quietly) on your way… or you might find yourself in a world of trouble at the next house party.

The point for doing these strengthening exercises isn’t for his benefit… it is for your benefit!

Yes. Tighter at the end than the beginning… not looser… makes the in and out or up and down feel better the longer you do it… whether the inserted object has a heartbeat or not.

There is also one more important reason for doing these excercises to stay tight… Having strong muscles will help prevent prolapses. While I have explained all of this under the heading of vaginal insertion techniques… The exercises work just as well for anal training.

Remember… In the womb, sex organs begin with the same tissue. A loose pussy is equivalent to a floppy dick and neither are much fun!

Enjoy your training.

Love you,
C. Change


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Click your mouse part one

Letter #16
Proper Toy at the Proper Time

Remember when I noted earlier that you never use a vibrating or battery operated toy unless you are with a partner? It is true.

Do not train yourself to orgasm by vibrating with battery operated mechanisms.

First, this technique stops you from teaching your muscles to do the work. Which is where the fun is anyway.

Second, battery operated objects do not produce the best orgasms.

An egg or bullet inside you or a battery operated toy on your clitoris while a solid object is inside you will make things more enjoyable… When used sparingly!

There are times when you don’t want some mechanical piece of junk messing up a love-making experience so do not use mechanical toys in training. They are an accessory not a staple.

Ben-wa balls were the vaginal training tools of our ancestors. You would put them inside you and move them around with your own muscles. They Are pretty cool.

Ben-wa balls up inside you while you sit on a Sybian or Harley Davidson can be quite a treat. (Don’t fall off the back of the Harley!)

Ben-wa balls are usually made of metal and have some unique inlaid designs on them. They come in various weights and sizes. Amazon sells them… But as a starter… There are better options.

Most vibrators and dildos are made of some form of plastic or new fangled “safe latex”, “medical grade silicone” or other skin-like material.

You know what I’ve said about non-natural materials… do not use this stuff.

Ok… I do say use condoms. Especially with people and if someone brings you a toy that is not still in the package. (At a party or your new significant other wants to use this thing they just pulled out of the secret hiding space in their closet… who knows where that thing has been or if roaches or rats have peed on it.)

Tupperware as the example…
When a person buys Tupperware the product is initially very rigid. Over time it gets softer and less rigid.

Check in your kitchen cupboard and feel the rigidity of the various plastic containers… gauge the difference between the older ones versus newer ones of the same brand.
Plastic breaks down. Especially when heated!

Guess what happens to those plastic molecules in a food container… those molecules end up in your food.
Guess what happens to a plastic toy you stick in you… it breaks down over time.

The plastic stinks and you will stink, too.

Even the “medical grade silicone” toys I have used… had the silicone sluffing off at some point. (For instance… the veins on a life-like male member were rubbed off by use. Pits were left in the material.)

If you use medical grade silicone toys expect to throw them out about every 3 months.
Wash them ten times before you use them. Get the slick package crap off before using a toy the first time. Never just take it out of the package and stick it in you.
Any pits in the silicone will harbor microscopic bacteria.

I can give you a disadvantage for every material that is not natural.

Bare, unpolished Wood will give you splinters… but hopefully you are smarter than to put anything rough inside you.

My favorite toys are glass. The drawbacks to glass are rigidity and possible shattering… but if you purchase good quality, solid glass insert-able objects and don’t use them as darts… I have never had one break.

All training toys should have a handle at the base. You will need this initially, as a way to control the toy.

When you choose a regular use toy… get ones with flat bases that can stand on their own. Choose one from that company I mentioned in the first couple of letters. The one that makes second-to-none glass!

Flat, wide bases are easier to keep from getting pushed too far inside you (the base keeps them from going in) and if you need to put a suction cup on it for use in the bathtub… ya can.

Part two… How to pick the correct training toy to train your box for best results… Continued in next post.


Thanks for the great ideas! I'd like to send you a gift, too.


C. Change