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This blog is divided into the following categories: sex be religion, teenage experiences (drugs, drinking, first time, condoms, etc.), STD/sti (bathing, removal of an unplanned “accident”), sex experiences/BDSM (some are how to and some are the kind that make penthouse forum blush and normal/vanilla people pass out), toy training and orgasm exercises (how to make g-spots, how to pick training toys for o/g/a/s/m spots (those are the actual medical terms), an index finger can touch your ovary, why some guys bend to the left and other useful tidbits) and finally relationships/boundaries/communication (probably the most important items of necessity).

The original letters (about 200 of them) were written in succession. If the post has a “Letter #” then it was part of the original series. If the post does not contain “Letter #” at the beginning of the post, then that was written for everyone who is not my niece. (She would have some background the rest of you don’t.)

Each Letter builds upon knowledge gained in a previous letter… much like a basic textbook. The low number letters start with the basics that most people should hear when they are pre-teens and glides into high school, college, adult world and underworld subject matter in the 200 series.

Most of the Letters are about how to train your sexual muscles to orgasm the way your body was designed to achieve. Getting things out of order can be dangerous. Follow the posts starting with the earliest post first if you really want to lay a proper foundation. (Pun intended.)
Seriously, crawl before you attempt to run and end up tripping and falling. It hurts. I know.

Sex… is a good thing… especially when it is done well and for the right reasons.

It’s a gnosis. Why? I figured out the best orgasms are: 1) spiritual in nature, 2) are in a monogamous loving relationship, 3) with a partner you knew instantly was your soul mate (even before introducing yourself), 4) require you to know how to operate you before entering said relationship 5) without a doubt the best reason to exist on earth and 6) usually won’t happen until you are in your thirties.

(Yep, it takes lots of practice to train those muscles correctly. Babies born with legs can’t walk for about a year. What makes you think a pubescent teen is going to magically know what real love is or how to orgasm at your optimal potential when your junk isn’t even properly trained until your late twenties or early thirties?). It’s no surprise thirty is about the time people realize they chose the wrong mate and start looking for sexual fulfillment in new and undiscovered ways… hmmmm.

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Letter #3 Part 9

Caveat for toys… START SMALL!!!!!

Use glass not plastic! (Glass or other natural materials… stone, wood, metal… create better orgasms than Synthetics.)

Only use battery operated toys with a partner.

When you are solo… you need to teach your body how to operate itself… a bunch of vibration is not going to help.

Liberator (a sex toy company from which I do not receive financial compensation) makes great glass toys. They also sell wedges. (I will keep that in sex toys.) While their glass toys are second to none, I returned all the other items I ever ordered from them because the plasticizers in the synthetic fabrics gave me rashes.

I am a big fan of solid objects. Solid objects don’t bend so be careful and slow.

A female vagina is curved. A glass dildo is not.

Puncturing yourself is not an optimal strategy for enjoyment.

Solid objects will force you to gain muscle strength… this is a good thing.

After you have mastered holding your pee, in ten second intervals at will, use that same exercise with your finger inserted.

Use the finger to push against different directions inside you. Continue doing the kegel exercises while your index finger points north, then south, to the east and finally west.

If your internal muscles are strong enough when clenched to move your finger to center and hold it in place, completely compressed by the vaginal walls… then… you can move up to toys.

Until you develop the muscle strength to pull your own index finger in and push it out… Without the use of your hands… Go at a speed no faster than your heartbeat and a thrust strength no greater than two fingers’ strength.

The goal here is to teach your internal muscles to work for you.

If the hole only opens to accept something else that does the work… then just forget about achieving the almighty orgasm.

I will write you a separate series of letters explaining what exercises to do and how to pick a training toy for each of the g spots and types of orgasms you might want to learn how to create to teach your muscles how to achieve greatness.

Stick with a finger for now… you have lots of crawling to do before walking, running or doing flip-flops or cartwheels.

Love you,
C. Change

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Letter #4


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Letter #3 Part 7

A quickie is for a guy.

An all-nighter is for a girl.

Most guys who roll their eyes and say they have to get up early… are too lazy to please their partners.

Avoid those “gems.” All that says is that they want gratification but yours is not nearly as important.

Who wants to be in that kind of lopsided relationship?

Hold out for a good guy who can handle a few “sleepless nights” and this, in my opinion, is a workable deal.

So, your new beau does not have the stamina to keep up with your needs? Enter vibrators…

They don’t give you diseases. They don’t complain if you cheat.

They are terrible public dates. But lots of fun if you have to get hand checked by TSA at the airport… And you have one in your carry on luggage.

Lots of ways to deal with this.

Appropriately and ideally, your human choice of companion is just as turned on using himself or toys on you for foreplay.

He is engaged in the act of your satisfaction during the entire time… However long that takes.

An egg inside you that he controls during dinner and a movie so that after those, you are primed for enjoyment… is acceptable.

I will write to you about my favorite toys… I know you will like them, too.

Meanwhile you can search the internet to get started on the homework I’ve given you above.

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Letter #3 Part 9


gift an an egg


Letter #3 Part 5

All sex organs are muscles.

Your brain (all 3 of them), your heart, your mouth, your vagina, etc… These are muscles. Use them.

If you never teach the muscle to be used… How can it perform?

A guy who hasn’t had sex in five years is probably going to have some trouble getting it up.

When muscles are not used, they atrophy. Viagara anyone?

Babies, at birth, can’t walk or hold their heads up.

The muscles are there but they have never been used.

Watch babies learn to walk.

It is a time consuming process that does not happen at the speed of the refresh rate on your cell phone.

Teenagers can’t orgasm until puberty.

Even then, one needs to develop the muscles to have the skills to provide benefits.

Think of it this way… You can ski the bunny slopes or you can be an X-Games gold medalist.

Sex is the same.

How well do you want to perform?

How much time are you willing to devote to your performance ability?

Let’s talk about how to create your first g-spot so you will have some tools to play with.

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Letter #3 Part 6
Experts say that not all women have a g-spot.




Letter #3 Part 4

About lubes…

Since I’m here on the subject… Use ORGANIC olive oil or coconut oil. If you can’t eat it or it is made of a synthetic… Do NOT allow it inside of you!!!

No KY lube, crisco, canola oil, petroleum based lubes, vaseline nor water based sex toy lubes.

These are not going to mesh well with your vagina.

In some cases they will cause you yeast infections or urinary tract infections.

Sex unbalances the pH and flora of the vagina.

Lubes, other than what your body produces, get things out of balance much faster.

Canola (rape seed) oil is industrial engine de-greaser.

Just because it is sold in grocery stores does not make it safe for sex.

You only need a dime sized amount of organic coconut or olive oil for hours of sexual intercourse. I am highly sensitive and these two things are the best I ever used. (I’ve tried everything.)

I will cover “food sex” later… It is its own Bible.

I don’t really care what the medical community has “sold” to people about needing additional lubrication. It’s junk. It’s a business… a hugely profitable business.

Our ancestors knew that an unused vagina or an unused penis would lose elasticity. It would have a dysfunction.

Historically, the solution was to continue to use the muscles.

Orgasm was the prescription for most preventable emotional issues. No joke.

But something changed.

What is more profitable as a cure for a lonely housewife in the 1950s… Valium coupled with alcoholism and doctor visits or great sexy time in the privacy of the ubiquitous American dream home???

So what if you went through menopause and your hormones changed. Your body, when relaxed, will lubricate itself until death.

Ask a 90 year old. After they finish laughing, if they can remember what the question was, they will probably tell you everything down there still works.

In fact, having sex with yourself or a partner or partners on a regular basis has been scientifically proven to have beneficial health properties.

Orgasms release/relieve stress, release chemicals which lubricate joints, release chemicals in the brain which help it operate better and a host of benefits including cramp reduction during periods and reducing migraines.

Maybe we could quit killing marine life to make arthritis and join pain reliever and start having better sex instead? I think the fish would appreciate it and so will your partner.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather have an orgasm with 100% effective results than a bunch of expensive pills with questionable results made from animal parts that couldn’t be part of dinner.

One published study showed migraine headaches are a result of not having enough sexual release.

Speaking as someone who has only had the onset of two migraine headaches in my life… both happened when I was separate from my partner for more than a week. I immediately found a solution attached to the palm of my hand.

Prior to the 1900s one didn’t have a headache to get out of having sex, they had sex to get rid of the headache. (Our culture is so screwed up.)

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Letter #3 Part 5
All sex organs are muscles.


Yep... No more Excedrin in this house... Thank you.


Letter #3 Part 3

Finding out what makes you tick…

How do I reach the g-spot?
Aha! Found it and then… Where did it go?

A vagina is not that different than a stomach. (Even WebMD uses this vagina/stomach analogy, albeit, not in this way.)

When you get hungry… Your stomach gets a bit cranky. Acid builds up inside and sometimes the tummy makes noise.

When empty, your stomach is small.
Fill it with more than a fist sized serving of food and the belly stretches.

When you get horny… The vaginal walls tingle. Fluid is secreted (you get wet) and any air inside you will queef out.

When empty, the vagina is tight.
Fill it with something and it will stretch.

The more turned on you get… The wetter you should get.

Wet is NOT an orgasm.

Wet is not specific to gender… both males and females have pre-cum (aka: wet).

If you are not dripping (literally) and he is not dripping (literally) before you start to have sex… in the immortal word of a NASA astronaut… “Houston… We have a problem.”

Not being wet enough is your body’s way of telling you that it is not ready yet.

Human spit is nasty. The bottom of your foot has less “funk” than human saliva.

Don’t ever use someone else’s spit as lube inside you.

If you think you need lube to have sex… read the next letter.

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Letter #3 Part 4



Letter #3 Part 2

How many g-spots do I have?

The real answer is “I have no idea how many g-spots you have but I have 4 distinct pleasure centers inside me.”

I’ve been inside a lot of women and on top, below, beside, behind or in front of a lot of men.

The one guarantee is that no two are exactly alike.

Yes, it is a penis or vagina but they are shaped slightly differently.

The individual has unique quirks that set them off. What works with one may not have any affect on another.

As you look at men you will discover that some penises are straight, some curve, some bend left or right, up or down, etc.
Have you ever wondered why?

Male babies are born with unbent, un-curved penises… so how did they develop these directional augmentations?

Ask the male to masturbate for you. You will have your answer.

Playing with yourself has a pattern.

The muscles of the sexual organs will conform to the repeated patterns they are encouraged to follow.

If he yanks it to the left… it’s gonna bend to the left.

If he spends his life tucking it in his pants a certain way, the penis will conform to that curve.

I am often appalled at the medical community’s ability to financially capitalize on a behavior that is completely normal and call it a condition that needs repair. I also get a bit mortified when the medical community attempts to hide or obfuscate vital information that would help an individual, but not be financially profitable.

Even the drug company website to help men with Peyronie’s disease says to take their drug while doing exercises to straighten a penis curved more than 30 degrees.

If a bent dick guy wants a straight dick… learn to tug from the opposite direction.

In my opinion, they don’t need a drug to make a dick weak so it can be tweaked. If someone has erectile dysfunction… their penis muscles are already weak.

Think of it this way… male ED is the same as a loose pussy.

It ain’t no fun… but there are exercises to whip that floppy flaccid mess into shape so you/they/he/she/it can enjoy what has been missing.

Incidentally, a bent penis can be very beneficial in certain positions… but that is another letter.

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Letter #3 Part 3
Finding out what makes you tick…


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